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  • I remember meeting her two middle siblings once or twice, but they seemed to be their own unit. I remember liking Lucy, who would have been in 8th or 9th grade at the time. I grew up in Ridgefield, so at some point, we picked her up at home and drove her back from some school break.

    I had forgotten that she got her PhD in Madison; mentally, I'm stuck with her at Northwestern. From Facebook, I see that she and her daughter spent half a year in China, where I think she taught English, but she's back now.
    Cool :)

    Amy had gone to my high school, and then went to Wesleyan, 4 years ahead of me, so I knew her younger siblings in high school but only met her briefly when I went to visit while I was deciding which college was my first choice. She did return to Middletown for a while a few years later, I think when I was a senior and her youngest sister Lucy was a freshman. (Her middle sister and brother went to Amherst, so I ran into Lee there when I first went to grad school at UMass.) Then much later both Amy and I got our doctorates in the theatre department at University of Wisconsin, so I got to know her well there.

    I did work on a few campus shows that Brad was in, and he performed memorably in a short scene I wrote for a playwriting class.
    I knew Amy Seham! I was the costumer for her "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" -- Matt Penn was McMurphy and Brad Whitford was Billy Bibbitt, because only Amy had the balls to cast against type like that -- and designed the costumes for her "The Tempest," which I did as a senior project, since the CoL people knew better than to press me to write a thesis :lol:
    I don't know why, but for some reason I thought you had gone to Dartmouth :eek: I did a lot of theater in my last two years, but I graduated in '79, just before you came in.
    Yes, I went to the Middletown Branch of "Not Yale." :) I was in College of Letters and S-M was out of department, but we managed to drive Elizabeth Young-Bruehl out of the university to study psychotherapy at Yale and later marry a woman, and he married a former student in the last ahead of me, I think. One of my Work Study positions was in the registrar's office of the summer program for teachers to earn an MA in Liberal Studies. (Public school teachers had to earn a Masters degree within a certain number of years of being hired.) The first time I saw S-M was when he was teaching a course for the program and came up and asked for some info: he had the most seductive, piercing blue eyes I had ever seen, and my boss, a woman in her 60's almost burst out laughing at my inability to speak :rofl:
    Thank you for the rep. Bunheads hath jumpeth the shark already. And Happy Belated Birthday! :cheer2:
    They named me something that no one ever pronounces or spells properly :lol: Although my mother always sounded very aggrieved when she told this story, so my dad must have had her scared :)
    Thanks for your kind words re: Todd (in the thread about skaters who have made improvements. I'd give you rep points if I had that feature. It's refreshing to read some positive comments about him on this board, because sadly, there are quite a few Todd bashers here (not to mention posters who mercilessly delight in bashing other talented skaters as well.
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