RIP Tim Conway


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It's too hard to find my favorite online, but as the world's oldest man, he said his name was Duu-wayne (and you'd have to remember how he moved his neck) and Carol's character said "o.k. Duu-wayne" and moved her neck the same way. We went around going "Duu-wayne" for days. Still every time I hear anybody say Dwayne on t.v. anywhere, I say "Duu-wayne". :)
And the one where he poked his head out of the barn door in a painting.
The dentist one is funny, but they show that all the time.

Oh yeah, and when he was the "flasher" and would go around opening his coat and go "oo-wah". My aunt got me a birthday card that had a pop-up that opened it's arms in what was supposed to be giving a hug and she wrote "oo-wah". LOL
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I always looked forward to watching the Carol Burnett show each and every week. Tim Conway helped make that show what it was. The show wouldn't have been the same without him. What I loved the most was when Tim caused Harvey to crack up laughing and couldn't finish his lines. He was actually able to make all of them crack up and they couldn't finish without laughing.

One of the skits I loved the most was when they all sang to a song by Ray Stevens and The Henhouse 5 Plus 2.

In The Mood.

RIP, Tim. You will be missed. :love:
I remember that my mother and I laughed till the tears flowed. And laughed even harder every time Harvey Korman lost it over Tim Conway. He was the best. Only other show I laughed this hard at was Arrested Development.

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