Gracie Gold and 2018 Olympians Clash with Reporter Who Claims Figure Skating Is 'Not a Sport'


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Trouble started for Fox-4 Dallas’ weekend sports anchor and reporter Edward Egros on Friday, when he responded to a fan on Twitter who had said, “Look, if you need to pick a song as part of your sport, I’m not going to respect your sport. I respect your art.”

“THANK YOU!” Egros wrote. “I have the utmost respect for figure skaters, only a few people in the universe can do it and they deserve my praise. But it’s not a sport.”


He should go for a few FS lessons, he might understand why it IS possible to fairly objectively say one jump was executed better than another, not just a matter of taste- besides they do grade eg ski jumping and snowboarding based on style as well, and athletes opinion sometimes differ from the referees', and they are sports..

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i look at it this way. Ergos is a sports caster/reporter. Figure skating is OFFICIALLY a sport. His is hired to report, facts, figures, events, in "sports" that he is assigned to, and NOT give his opinions what he thinks is a "sport" or not. He has a right to his opinion and to express it privately, but NOT while he is on this particular job.


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This is 2018 and yet we have sports writers like Edward Egros who believes ice skating is not a sport


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The worst was that the guy who wrote the original tweet Egros was responding to was trying to explain to Courtney Hicks what the rules of figure skating were.


It's time for U.S. Sectionals!
Good for Vincent Zhou!
Edward [Egros]'s tweet ended up catching the eye of two current Olympic figure skaters in Pyeongchang — and let's just say they weren't thrilled by his casual dismissal of their achievements. "Your job is to be a sports reporter. Figure skating is not a sport to you," 17-year-old Vincent Zhou wrote. "Stick to reporting on 'real sports', do your job, and we'll do ours." <snip>
As for Edward, as of publishing time he hasn't relented on his stance, although he tweeted out a nice enough sentiment to Vincent upon reading his tweet: "I wish you nothing but the best."

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