Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral


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That alarm system sounds far too complicated when a quick response is needed :wideeyes: (Shouldn't an expert always estimate that something burns quicker rathern than slower?)

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The NYT on the fire, what went wrong, and how Notre Dame came close to being lost completely:

Interesting article and kudos to the brave firefighters who were willing to try to save the towers, and as a result, the Cathedral.


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Something else to worry about, per CNN:

Notre Dame survived a massive fire months ago, but the beloved Paris cathedral is facing a new threat: a heat wave.

The high temperatures bearing down on Europe may be a threat to the ailing building, according to Chief Architect Philippe Villeneuve.

"I am very worried about the heat wave because, as you know, the cathedral suffered from the fire, the beams coming down, but also the shock from the water from the firefighters. The masonry is saturated with water," Villeneuve told Reuters on Wednesday.

The fire destroyed the roof of the 850-year-old building and toppled the spire, which was added during a 19th-century renovation. Now experts fear the structure could give way under the stress of record-breaking heat.

"What I fear is that the joints or the masonry, as they dry, lose their coherence, their cohesion and their structural qualities and that all of sudden, the vault gives way," Villeneuve said.


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A fire at the cathedral in the French city of Nantes is believed to have been started deliberately, prosecutors say.
Three fires were started at the site and an investigation into suspected arson is under way, Prosecutor Pierre Sennes said.
The blaze destroyed stained glass windows and the grand organ at the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral, which dates from the 15th Century.
It comes a year after the devastating fire at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.
But the local fire chief said the fire in Nantes had been contained and was "not a Notre-Dame scenario".
"The damage is concentrated on the organ, which appears to be completely destroyed. The platform it is situated on is very unstable and risks collapsing," Laurent Ferlay told reporters.
The cathedral roof had not been touched by the blaze, he said.

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