Cute Zoo Pics Part 7


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Thanks for sharing! I also know of a few other wildlife cams. My brother came across them a few years back. These people have their cams with Carbon TV.

The one that I go to the most is The Crush with Lee & Tiffany Deer Cam

The cam is located in Iowa. There's usually a lot of deer and raccoons that eat from their corn feeder. I noticed a lot of birds today eating from the corn feeder.

The other cam I like to watch is Wildlifer's Next Destination Game Cam. A lot of deer show up there. A lot of wild boar also show up. The wild boar that I've seen lately have their baby piglets with them. The bad thing about the boar is that they root up and tear up a lot of pasture and farmland.

The other cam I like to watch is the Live Peregrine Falcon Cam. Right at the moment, a beautiful Falcon is there.


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Raccoons :rockstar:on fermented crab apples. :D

The raccoons, apparently, had been feasting on crab apples that had fermented on the tree, causing the small animals to walk around “staggering and disoriented,” police said.

“Turns out they appear to be drunk on crab apples,” police said in their official statement to the community.

The apprehended animals were held in custody and allowed to sober up in what can only be deemed a raccoon drunk tank.

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