Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread


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4,052 I'm making one. Move up to seniors and get all the perks.

Here's their RD from Nebelhorn Trophy and here's an article in the USFSA Fan Zone (and I think in Skating Magazine?)

Hope they have a great skate in the FD (and the correct music ;))
Thanks for starting this thread. This team has so much potential and are looking really good for seniors. I definitely see more threads in their future.;)

Loved their RD. Igor gave them a good tango. I just wish Anthony would lose the highlights resembling a cockatoo from a distance.:lol:


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Here's their FD from Nebelhorn. Also I read the Skating Magazine version of the article I linked. It said their goal is top 5 at US Nationals this year. That's a potentially doable goal depending on how everyone skates. I'm excited to see how they do in their GPs.


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Here's a really great article about Anthony and his parents. I think it's hilarious that his parents, owners of 3 Olympic medals, can't watch him compete.
I think that’s the case with most parents/relatives who are competitors themselves. They would probably prefer to be on the ice themselves than be in a situation where they don’t have any control of the outcome. :lol:


How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
With the Shibs out, I think C/P are going to be my U.S. team to uber. In large part because they're the only U.S. team that aren't putting me to sleep this year. ;)

Same here. Of the teams that have come up from the junior ranks in the past couple seasons, C/P are the only ones that I don't find deadly dull this season. I'm hoping they might pull ahead of McN/Car and the Parsons at Nationals.


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A bit funny how they're trying(noticed on twitter) to mimic the V/M "fake cute couple" and get the V/M fandom.


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This line sort of cracked me up: "During my whole childhood, I was taught by my mom and she was super scary." because it's not how I imagine Klimova to say the least (I have a feeling he is exaggerating a little for comedic value based on his other quotes about her).

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