2024 Eurovision Semi 1 - All The Divas Were Born As Human Beings (And From Denim Eggs)


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I thought Australia was better than the three randoms who made it but I guess on a night where you had to toss a coin between a lot of bad songs no one was going to waste any votes on Australia. Based on these results I think Iceland was in last place, I would say with 0 points unless a jury threw her a bone.

But the ones I remember when all is said and done are Croatia, Ukraine, Ireland and Finland.

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Finland, Ireland and Croatia are in.
I am happy and so will be the bf. He doesn't care about Eurovision, just about the party which we are hosting.
And these entries are going to satisfy him.


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Just catching up, Croatia #1 for me. Got some live clips of my daughters friends who are there live and the audience loved it too! I agree about the camera work for Ireland as aspects of it were fun. I wasn’t a fan of the boxers in a box. I thought Germany was good nice to actually have a decent singer and I think Finland will get some votes they didn’t mess up that camera work! I have not got to the results yet.

ETA .. good results! I agree.
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I came into this thinking I was giving all my votes to Croatia but I split them between Croatia, Ukraine, and Ireland. I really didnt like Ireland going in to it but I really liked their pentagram presentation. I thought, oh how nice for allezfred.


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Just watched. Not surprising results- I'd have Australia in there over some of the others though.

I was WTF through the beginning of Finland but once again they've made me love them. Also Croatia and Lithuania, clear top 3 for me.


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Morning after the night before - amazing for Ireland to be back in the Grand Final. Think it is too divisive to be a winner, but something in the top 10 would be an achievement.

I think Croatia won the semi. We’ll see how it will do with the juries on Saturday.

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