2019-20 U.S. Team Envelopes & International Selection Pool (ISP) updates


Just noticed USFS' 2019-20 Team Envelopes A, B, C & D are posted in the Team USA section of USFS' website (haven't seen a press release published in recent years): https://www.usfsa.org/story?id=84023

Copying out Teams A through D (names listed with 2019 U.S. Nationals placements):

Men: Nathan Chen S1, Vincent Zhou S2, Jason Brown S3
Ladies: Alysa Liu S1, Bradie Tennell S2, Mariah Bell S3
Pair: Ashley Cain & Timothy LeDuc S1
Ice Dance: Madison Hubbell & Zach Donohue S1, Madison Chock & Evan Bates S2, Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker S3

Men: Tomoki Hiwatashi S4, Alex Krasnozhon S5
Ladies: Karen Chen, Hanna Harrell S4, Ting Cui S5, Megan Wessenberg S6, Starr Andrews S8
Pairs: Haven Denney & Brandon Frazier S2, Tarah Kayne & Danny O'Shea S4, Jessica Calalang & Brian Johnson S5, Audrey Lu & Misha Mitrofanov S6, Alexa Scimeca-Knierim & Chris Knierim S7
Ice Dance: Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter S4, Christina Carreira & Anthony Ponomarenko S5

Men: Andrew Torgashev S7, Sean Rabbitt S8, Jimmy Ma S10, Camden Pulkinen S12; Ryan Dunk J1, Dinh Tran J2, Joonsoo Kim J3
Ladies: Amber Glenn S7; Gabriella Izzo J1, Audrey Shin J2, Emilia Murdock J3
Pairs: Nica Digerness & Danny Neudecker S8, Sarah Feng & TJ Nyman; Laiken Lockley & Keenan Prochnow J1, Kate Finster & Balazs Nagy J2; Isabelle Martins & Ryan Bedard J3
Ice Dance: Avonley Nguyen & Vadym Kolesnik J2

Men: Peter Liu J4, Lucas Altieri J5, Joseph Kang J6; William Annis N1, Matthew Nielsen N2, Ilia Malinin N3
Ladies: Sarah Jung J4, Wren Warne-Jacobsen J5, Emily Zhang J6; Calista Choi N1, Aubrey Ignacio N2, Isabelle Inthisone N3
Pairs: Maria Mokhova & Ivan Mokhov J4, Grace Knoop & Blake Eisenach J5; Isabelle Goldstein & Keyton Bearinger N1, Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell N2, Anastasiia Smirnova & Danil Siianytsia N3
Ice Dance: Oona Brown & Gage Brown J4, Molly Cesanek & Yehor Yehorov J5; Elizabeth Tkachenko & Alexei Kiliakov N1, Jordan Lin & Morgan Sletten N2, Layla Karnes & Kirill Aksenov N3

RESERVE TEAM (none listed at this time but the new dance team of Caroline Green & Michael Parsons will be added at some point due to their Skate Canada International Grand Prix assignment)

2019-20 Team Envelope Criteria: https://www.usfsa.org/story?id=84105&menu=TeamUSA


Link to 2019-20 International Selection Pool (ISP): https://www.usfsa.org/story?id=84156&menu=TeamUSA

"The 2019-20 International Selection Pool (ISP) includes age-eligible athletes/teams being considered for an international competition. All ISP athletes/teams are required to complete the competition readiness requirements. Athletes/teams may be added or removed from the International Selection Pool through the duration of the 2019-20 season."

GP = assigned to Grand Prix in initial selection (June 20, 2019)

Starr Andrews (GP)
Mariah Bell (GP)
Karen Chen (GP)
Calista Choi
Ting Cui (GP debut)
Amber Glenn
Hanna Harrell
Courtney Hicks
Aubrey Ignacio
Isabelle Inthisone
Gabriella Izzo
Pooja Kalyan
Jessica Lin (added in early July)
Alysa Liu
Emmy Ma
Emilia Murdock
Akari Nakahara
Audrey Shin
Bradie Tennell (GP)
Megan Wessenberg

MEN (23)
Lucas Altieri
William Annis
Jason Brown (GP)
Nathan Chen (GP)
Ryan Dunk
Tomoki Hiwatashi (GP debut)
Joseph Kang
Liam Kapeikis
Joonsoo Kim
Joseph Klein
Alex Krasnozhon (GP)
Max Lake
Peter Liu
Ilia Malinin
Daniel Martynov (added in early July)
Maxim Naumov (added in early July)
Matthew Nielsen
Eric Prober
Camden Pulkinen (GP debut)
Eric Sjoberg
Andrew Torgashev
Dinh Tran
Vincent Zhou (GP)

PAIRS (16)
Ashley Cain & Timothy LeDuc (GP)
Jessica Calalang & Brian Johnson (GP debut)
Haven Denney & Brandon Frazier (GP)
Nica Digerness & Danny Neudecker
Sarah Feng & TJ Nyman
Kate Finster & Balazs Nagy*
Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell*
Isabelle Goldstein & Keyton Bearinger*
Tarah Kayne & Danny O’Shea (GP)
Grace Knoop & Blake Eisenach*
Laiken Lockley & Keenan Prochnow
Audrey Lu & Misha Mitrofanov (GP)
Isabelle Martins & Ryan Bedard*
Alexa Scimeca-Knierim & Chris Knierim (GP)
Anastasiia Smirnova & Danil Siianytsia*
Allison Timlen & Justin Highgate-Brutman
* = ISU Junior age-eligible this season

Ella Ales & Daniel Tsarik*
Oona Brown & Gage Brown*
Christina Carreira & Anthony Ponomarenko (GP)
Molly Cesanek & Yehor Yehorov*
Madison Chock & Evan Bates (GP)
Caroline Green & Michael Parsons (GP debut/new team; added in early July)
Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker (GP)
Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue (GP)
Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter (GP)
Avonley Nguyen & Vadym Kolesnik*
Katarina Wolfkostin & Jeffrey Chen* (new team; added in early July)
* = ISU Junior age-eligible this season

Removed since the initial ISP list was published in early April:

Karina Manta & Joseph Johnson and Erika Smith & AJ Reiss have joined Cirque du Soleil's newest show AXEL that's currently in the rehearsal stage.
ETA that the sibling ice dance team of Sophia Elder & Christopher Elder (J8 at 2019 U.S. Nationals) also are no longer listed in the ISP... thanks to @RoseRed for the reminder below.
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So what’s with GG?
(I have no clue how the selection process works here, so sorry, if this is a stupid question 😇)


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A few more ISP additions following Skate Detroit:

Jimmy Ma
Kate Wang
Olivia Serafini/Mervin Tran

(2019 Novice Pairs champs Isabelle Goldstein/Keyton Bearinger were removed recently; he is listed on IPS.)

Added after Lake Placid IDC: Katarina DelCamp/Ian Somerville

Caroline Green/Michael Parsons are listed in the Reserve Team envelope now.


Sarah Jung and Angela Ling/Caleb Wein (new dance team) are listed on the ISP page now. They were listed as alternates for the first time in the ISU entries for JGP #5 in Gdansk, Poland.
USFS has been posting JGP assignments on their International Assignments page each Monday

Listed for JGP #6 in Zagreb, Croatia (September 25-28, 2019):

Ladies: Gabriella Izzo (her 2nd), TBD Calista Choi (her 2nd) (ETA that Choi's name apparently was mistakenly listed earlier)
Men: Andrew Torgashev (2nd), Daniel Martynov (1st assignment)
Pair: Isabelle Martins/Ryan Bedard (2nd)
Ice Dance: Katarina DelCamp/Ian Somerville (1st assignment), Molly Cesanek/Yehor Yehorov (2nd)

ETA the assignments posted last week for ISU Challengers #2 & 3:

Lombardia Trophy
Bergamo, Italy
Sept. 13-15, 2019
U.S. International Classic
Salt Lake City
Sept. 17-22, 2019
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Question everything
Me too. Why not give Jung (or others) a chance? It's not like Choi skated well enough in France to deserve a second assignment.
All along I feel like USFs did all this work to get their 14 jgp assignments back for ladies and now they don’t know what to do with them. And ladies is the toughest field of the four


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Izzo is our reigning Junior Champ, so I understand why they would give her two assignments. Calista Choi is a skater with a lot of potential and should she go clean, based on what we saw in France, she has a good chance of placing within the Top 6.

Hanna might be given Junior Grand Prix number 7 and Emilia is still a placeholder for Poland, so there are still a few spots left for new ladies. I really want to see Sarah Jung get one events and Kate Wang to get a second.


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I was just told some could be placeholders so no need to :lynch: just yet.

This year seems to be different and so it's been somewhat confusing.

So, technically even if a skater or team is listed on USFS..... it could still technically change?

I’ve heard in the past that skaters are told that the assignments may change.... so maybe we need to look for official announcements from the skaters themselves - because they’re certainly not going to announce it unless they’re told it’s official.

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