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  • Alas, no, not "fun". I said the word, the mother of all dirty words, the f dash dash dash word! ;)
    What does TTC mean? I feel dumb asking, but I did google TTC and all I could find was Trying to Conceive and Toronto Transit Commission. Neither of which seems to fit! :lol:

    Thanks for the rep!
    prevention of CAD and other heart impairments is really important which is why lipid control and ASA are important in addn to the bp med, also id be vigilant about DM prevention and consider following the ADA diet to an extent
    i read them all day if you have any questions, as long as you have one w/in 12 mo that is prob ok, also you prob need an rx for bp, lipids and aspirin even if your bp and lipids are ok and unless you have a condition that prohibits aspirin use.
    And he's such a pretty boy! he could look so good if he wasn't trying to shock us-or whatever pathetic thing he's trying to do. Poor kid.

    Love you, Rex!!!! xoxxooxoxoxox

    I'm not surprised about the science. I mean, all those trees and shrubs still blooming at the end, everything looking so lovely. Wrong in my book.

    I just didn't get the Assante love and yes, it was just like a dreadful Lifetime movie or awful rom-com at the end.

    As for another remake, the whole thing rises and falls on the strength of the casting. The science should just be a tissue paper surrounding for an intimate drama about the issues between a small group of people. The young couple needs to devastate us when they kill themselves and their baby (and it should be a baby, not a young child). We need to care about Dwight and his choice at the end, and we need to feel for Moira, who can't win no matter what she does. This should be an ensemble drama to really tug at our heartstrings. If it is properly cast, we won't care about the 'science' IMHO.
    Good day, Rex,

    I've completed Part II of my On the Beach assignment; I finished reading the book over the weekend. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and it makes me dislike the Australian remake even more. Such character assassination on both Dwight and Moira; the loyal military (and family) man Dwight would never have stayed behind with Moira. Meanwhile, Ward's Moira seemed to have been a bitch long before the war came and she was a bitch to the end. I think you pointed out lack of vulnerability. Yes, indeed. Peck and Gardner were both too old for the roles, but they had chemistry and understood the characters a lot better, so they get a pass from me.

    Rex, I'm 100 pages into On the Beach. Neville Shuite is such an under-rated writer. He doesn't make a BFMD (big fat merry deal) about things;; he just quietly lets the story unfold and work its magic. I also watched the Aussie remake today; I'm not on the fence - except for one or two scenes near the very end, I didn't like it at all. Armand Assante - not feeling the love. Rachel Ward - hair, makeup, voice, drag queen and too old by half. Bryan Brown - acting too OTT and seems to be in a different movie altogether, but at least he brought some excitement to the screen. Most of it was dull and flat.

    I'll report more when I've finished the book and re-watched the Peck/Gardner version.

    I'm ready to start my assignment. I have dvr'd On the Beach with Greg/Ava from TCM; the Assante/Brown/Ward version has arrived from Netflix and I've picked up a copy of the book and started reading it. I will be back in touch with my opinions when I have some.

    Hey Sweetie! They didn't make too much noise coming back....I only woke up twice. Thanks for the rep! Love you too and have a wonderful, fabulous New Year!
    Ok, I'll stop . . . but only because I want to be coached by Frank Carroll a little longer :shuffle:
    Hey Buddy! Hope you are well. I've been laying low on FSU-still pissed off at the meanness of the political folks who lumped me with Lauren even though I barely even know the woman and don't agree with her! Yes, that was months ago, but I'm still mad. But not at you! You pushed me over the 100,000 rep points, so I owe you big time!!!! Love ya!
    The questions were what Hamill thought of the last three Olympic ladies champions from the US, and then her opinion of Michelle Kwan.
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