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  • Are you Rex1965 on the gymnastics board WWGYM? I'm MRR on that board.
    I saw her on "The View" today. The woman is an Asian Uncle Tom if there ever was one. She couldn't even answer anyone's questions she was so obsessed with her anti-Obama agenda. I wanted to slap her.
    I sent the rep comment without finishing it. What I was going to say was that I've loathed Malkin's writing since reading the column, "UNICEF's deadly mission" in which she claimed that the agency rejected a generous offer of free formula by Nestle out of anticorporate and breast-is-best prejudice alone. Not cool.
    Why you make me sound like a plagarist!!!! That's plagarism!!!!
    your location is clearly a cheap rip off of my user title. Not cool, Rex, not cool...:revenge:

    :p have a nice day
    :) Thanks! Although I would thank you to get my age right, I am 2! :drama: :p

    And a very happy belated birthday to you.
    Happy belated birthday, Rex-san! I actually don't have access to Sekret Sources anymore so I didn't realize it was your birthday until I looked at this page.
    I wrote something lewdish in the June Birthdays thread in SS but in case you didn't see it, happy belated b-day! cheers! :40beers:
    Thanks falling_dance!!!! It was actually one of my better b'days too!! :cheer:
    No, it's me who has to be grateful for you noticing it. I am soooooooo embarasseddddddd. Anyway, thanks and it was nice of you.
    No-I wouldn't want to be 25. I was miserable. 35-HELL YEAH!!!! Hope you have a great b day and a great year. You're a sweetie!
    Check your new issue of "Entertainment." The DC Icy Poles made the back page target. Hahahahahahaha.....
    (((((((((((Rex)))))))))))))))) Thanks hon, and I am so sorry of the loss of your Aunt Vonnie :(
    Thanks so much Rex. I really appreciate it, and wish you all the best in your job search. It's very kind of you to be concerned about my mom when you have your own stuff to deal with. I know how hard it is to be looking, and thank you for the support.

    Thanks for the words of support. It's been a little slow. I guess to the interviewees, it's like everyone is ignoring me and dragging their heels. I can only imagine that these companies have more than li'l ol' me to worry about. But being the impatient person that I am, it's hard to keep things in that perspective.

    Thanks again, and I will keep you posted. :)
    Hey, Rex, how's the job situation coming along? I feel for you. I, too, was in the job market for a while, it's really tough out there for ANY kind of a job right now. Good luck to you, and try to keep you spirits up.
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