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  • Hi again Matthew! I am really enjoying connecting with skating fans as much online as I have always enjoyed in the rink! I am also looking forward to the 2 Nationals and the's going to be very exciting! BTW...I think I ccepted your request but am not sure as nothing seems to have changed?? Honestly...the fact that I can walk and chew gum at the same time is nothing short of a miracle! <lol> Have a great day! Cheers, Pj
    Hiya :) Just wanted to say hi...I really admire how knowledgeable and up to date you seem to has been a hectic month to say the least and am just getting my brain wrapped around the second half of the season...thanks for the tweet yesterday and Happy New Year!
    Hi there, seasons greetings from Mexico, just wanted to befriend you here at FSU, wonderful blog by the way! cheers!
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