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  • Well, I have tickets for both and I just bought my plane ticket for Spokane. Flights out of Bradley are limited, but much more civilized than going out of one of the NYC airports.

    As for Greensboro, I'll be going down early to visit family there, so I hope they don't have any ice storms which they can get. Shades of Portland :rolleyes:

    Went to the Pop Star on Ice premiere. That was a fun experience and the film is great!
    Sorry Peter. You didn't answer the phone when I tried to call so I had to take my friend Beth to the Johnny Weir movie.
    Oh, I LOVED Star Trek! I was just keeping up with what everyone else was saying about it. it totally exceeded all my expectations! Wheeeeee! :)
    Thanks for calling me informative. My sister says I'm a know-it-all. Your term is more complimentary.
    Thanks for the rep, Peter, and boy do I have more to report! I'm waiting for my husband to finish putting up the pictures on his pbase site, but I got to work with, and take pictures of, Joshua Allen all last weekend as he taught hip hop at the Southeastern Regional Ballet Association convention in Montgomery. He is a LOVE! Not a diva bone in his body. I'll make a fuss about it soon. Have a great day!

    yes, your user title looks sexish. At first glance it looks like "Enter Something [into] Her". But I'm pervier than most I suppose. Anyway, you should come TOTOTOT. ;)
    Peter, I watched the skating on Canadian radio. That makes all the difference because the Canadians are the center of the universe. :D
    Peter, I actually live on an island..not a private one, sadly, I have to share it with all of the nutty gamblers who come to AC..
    Thought that I would drop you a line. Thanks for your support. BTW, when you indicated, "Let's go to Korea", I knew at that point that doing so was a possibility. I did go and it was a pretty unusual and amazing experience seeing all three performances of Festa, staying at the skaters' hotel and winding up on the Korean National news :). Some of my friends and family, who are not skating fanatics thought that my doing so was both crazy and wonderful at the same time. I'm so glad that I went!
    The cute one? Danny or Blake? Actually I think Danny is beautiful but Nick - winner from season one was probably the cute one? Then again - cuteness is in the eye of the beholder!
    Order in? Yeah, that's what I'd do too - couldn't be bothered going to the fancy gatherings any more.
    Hey Peter! I've fixed your messages. Hopefully you'll be able to see them too (and they're not only visible to me) :lol:
    Perhaps I should have been more specific as opposed to generalized. I just didn't want to get into a whole qualification thing
    Johnny was born to
    weir" sparkles. Jeremy should be skating in denim overalls and a straw hat..

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