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    American Idol Reboot

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing (or the artist) when Riley Thompson was put through to the top 20? I've used Shazam and Soundhound but there isn't enough of the song played for any success there. Here's what I could get from the show:
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    2018 GPF FD - Dancing In The Dark

    Guignard was sobbing in the kiss and cry area. It almost looked like she couldn't stand as they were all to leave when Hubbell and Donahue were to return for their interview. The Italian team waived to Hubell and Donahue just before leaving, to which Hubbell and Donahue opened their arms for a...
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    Who's Going?

    It's all in how you tuck it.
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    FSU Get Together(s)

    I would like to attend both Wednesday and Saturday. :)
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    Hanyu has withdrawn from GPF; Messing is in

    Did Japan manage to quality anyone else for the event? ;) Wow, the scores were so high that TWO of the men broke 200 for their overall total!! :eek:
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Come Some Rainy Day (Live w/ Ashley Judd) - Wynonna Judd Warning: Don't listen to this without a full box of Kleenex nearby.
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    I Meant To Do That - Paul Brandt
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    DWTS Season 27

    You don't think the person who receives the most votes should win? Let us not talk about the 2016 Presidential election... ;) But as to your real point about the combination of the judges scores and the audience vote...I assumed the judges basically gave pretty much everyone 10's by the end...
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    DWTS Season 27

    How many days (weeks?) before the finale was Sharna told this? I'm curious how good an actress she is to have to looked so shocked/surprised when she won. :D
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    2018 IDF Ladies FS - Blah-Blah-Bland

    Wikipedia entry for those making the GPF (with alternates): Ladies alternates: 1st: Mai Mihara 2nd: Evgenia Medvedeva 3rd: Bradie Tennell
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    The Right Stuff - Vanessa Williams
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Over My Head - Toni Basil
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    Let's Talk Movies #35 – Sparrows and Panthers and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

    I saw The Wife (Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce) today. All the DVD's I have at home right now are serious dramas...and I need some comedy and sci-fi as I'm starting to feel down! But this might be the last week The Wife is playing at the discount theatre close to me, so I made a point to go...
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    What's Your Mama's Name - Tanya Tucker
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    Let's Talk Movies #35 – Sparrows and Panthers and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

    I'm listing my fave picks below, if I look two or more nominations, my fave pick is in boldface. :) Best Feature EIGHTH GRADE LEAVE NO TRACE Best Director Debra Granik, LEAVE NO TRACE Best Female Lead Glenn Close, THE WIFE Elsie Fisher, EIGHTH GRADE * No nomination for Melissa McCarthy...