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I do not mind if skaters wear gloves or over the boot tights or gloves.
At this point they are safety equipment to prevent finger slices during Biellmanns or to cover up flying lace ends and messy tape jobs on old boots.
Whatever makes skaters feel comfortable, go ahead.


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What bugs me about gloves is if they wear plain flesh coloured ones that don't match the colour of their own skin. Junhwan Cha does this and it aggravates me to no end. Their clunkiness also makes his hands look abnormal in his movements.

I don't so much mind over the skate tights that go fully over the skate (though I agree it looks a bit clunky), but I dislike the ones that just go over the heel. It makes it look like they're in practice and haven't taken off their legwarmers. I get wanting the tights over the skate a bit - when I skated and competed, I used to wear the stirrup ones, because one competition when I was younger and just wearing regular tights, a bit of my lace came untucked and got caught in the hook of my other skate when I was mid-air. I was paranoid after that and wanted to be sure my laces were completely tucked away.


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I like it when the gloves match the costume. They also protect the skaters' hands when they do the Biellman spin.
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I like it when the gloves match the costume. They also protect the skaters' hands when thy do the Biellman spin.
It always amazed me that Denise Bielman didn't wear gloves for her Bielmans. She said she developed callouses so she didn't need them. That sounds too working class for me!!! lol


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Sasha Cohen was overpraised. Yes, she had beautiful spirals but her edges and skating skills weren't as strong as the others.

The American women don't suck, and would probably do better if they weren't all compared to the past stars.

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I've been biting my tongue on this one for some days now, but I might as well let it out:

The more I see and hear of Lambiel as a skater, a coach and an individual, the less I like and respect him.
A glance at skating Twitter today will show that that's a VERY popular opinion.


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Or just the idea that a coach and student doing a photoshoot together in a bedroom is creepy?
Well, yeah... don't muddle those professional waters in any case.

In any case ,it seems people on Twitter are pissed about his handling of Rika's training last season.
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These may not all be unpopular, but here goes:

I will forever be PO'd about Tara Lipinski's OGM because she never did a true triple lutz in her life and should have been penalized for multiple triple flips in her program (her skating ankle rolled so far over to the inside edge when she picked in that it looked absolutely painful). Same for Sasha Cohen, but her own inconsistencies did her in.

I don't care if she was disliked for her personality, Nancy Kerrigan should have won the OGM in 1994 based on technical scores alone. I've seen Oksana Baiul skate live many times, and almost all of her triples had that same, quick two-footed landing she displayed in the Olympics. Maybe if the judges had actually paid attention to what her feet were doing...

I often wonder how Tonya Harding, Christopher Bowman, Nicole Bobek, and Johnny Weir might have ended up results and success wise if they had possessed the skating and practice discipline of a Yamaguchi or Lysacek. Let's just be honest here - they all underperformed compared to their talent.

And finally, I'm absolutely furious how Dalilah Sappenfield protected some of her skaters (especially John Coughlin) and allowed so many other skaters to be abused. I say this having had friends in pairs, where I heard for years about how she'd manipulate and switch partnerships around not just for medals but to support her favorites and her own personal desires regardless of who got hurt. I hope she gets nailed to the max in the legal system.

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