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Faux pizza-related story with a happy ending:

I've posted previously regarding the beautiful love story of Cole Sydnor and Charisma Jamison of Youtube's Roll with Cole & Charisma. The story of how Cole proposed to Charisma is so uplifting with lots of tears flowing: The proposal and prep for the big day Details of proposal and their relationship

Cole and Charisma both have awesome sets of parents too and close-knit family members. Cole's mom Kelly is amazing and a real character. As one Youtube poster recently said, Kelly Momma represents all of our mothers. The Q&A episodes with Cole's parents and meet-up with Charisma's parents are funny, revealing and uplifting: Kelly Momma Clem Daddy (he's Cole's real Dad -- Clem was kidding when he said 'stepfather') Meet Charisma's parents

Cole's brother Quint rescues this cute little lost/ dumped dog; these videos about Princess Dumpy will break your heart and heal it too at the same time ♥ The rescue Princess Dumpy update; summer beach fun Quint & Dumpy go shopping & have fun on Halloween More details about Dumpy's rescue


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This video on SCI (spinal cord injury awareness) is very eye-opening. Cole & Charisma are so inspiring and great role models for sharing so much about their lives to help and encourage others:

I knew about UTIs and pressure sores affecting those with injuries and illnesses (and the elderly) because I dealt with my Mom being impacted when she was in a nursing home and in hospitals. But the video is very enlightening. As is the below interview with another disabled, active and positive young man living in Florida, Cruise Bogle, who hosts a vlog entitled Paralyze This:


Almost a year after the assassination of President John F Kennedy, work began on an Aircraft Carrier that was to be named in Kennedy’s honour, the USS John F Kennedy (CV-67). It was completed 3 years later, and on the 27th May 1967, it was christened by Jackie Kennedy and 9 year old Caroline Kennedy, with Caroline smashing the champagne bottle. It took Caroline a couple of goes, and when the bottle finally smashed, half the champagne went over her, but she succeeded in launching the ship in the end! Footage of the event is below, and you will notice that as well as Jackie and Caroline, John Jr, Bobby, and LBJ were all in attendance.

Almost 40 years later, the USS John F Kennedy was decommissioned on the 23rd March 2007. However, it was decided that one of the new Ford Class Aircraft Carriers would inherit the name, and work began on the new ship in 2009. It took 9 years to complete the USS John F Kennedy (CVN - 79), and on the 7th December 2019 it was christened. And who should be on hand to do the christening? Yes Caroline Kennedy - 52 years after she had christened the original? As you will note from the footage below, this time she smashed the champagne bottle in one go without covering herself in its contents!
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NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an opinion piece titled : "2019: The Best Year in Human History" Since we are surrounded by truly awful news these days here is a bit of good news:

Each day of the year 325,000 people received electricity for the first time in their homes. Each day of the year 200,000 people received fresh, piped-in water. Each day 650,000 people went on-line for the first time of their lives.

1950: 27% of children die by the age of 15---Today: 4%. 1981: Extreme Poverty ($2 a day or less) 42% Today: 9%.

The writer was not saying that all is well: It isn't. But when it seems we are going in the wrong direction there are areas of improvement.

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