Satoko Myahara has retired from competition


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She was so under appreciated in the skating world. Personally she will go down in my history books as one of the most musical, best choreographed skaters of all time. Wish her all the happiness and success for her next chapter.


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1000 depressions to hear this, but she had a long and successful career that will be remembered fondly. Even without considering her special qualities that were almost never adequately rewarded by the judges, she has a couple World Championship medals and fourth place in one of the most competitive Olympics fields ever. And I am sure she will continue to be invited to shows in Europe and Japan where her exquisite performances will be appreciated.


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Nooooooooooo, one of my favorite skaters :wuzrobbed Never forget one of the best programs Hail to the star wars princess :glamor: and thank you for your beautiful artistry.
I've always wondered why more skaters don't skate to Princess Leia's theme. It's perfect for skating.

Farewell tiny queen. She says she'll concentrate on her professional skating career for now, so hopefully we can enjoy her skating free of jump requirements.


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I haven’t logged on in ages, but this announcement deserved an exception. Miyahara was a true artist for her entire skating career, even when she didn’t have an ideal skate the attention to detail was still there, truly a one of a kind skater. I wish her the best in her post skating life, but part of me hopes that Satoko takes a page from Takahashi’s playbook and comes back as in Ice dancer in a couple years.


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Perfect Satoko. I will miss her so much - and have already missed her so much. Her spins, her grace, her understated but truly felt performance quality, her attention to detail down to a flick of the pinky finger. I still feel wuzrobbed for not seeing her Star Wars/Holst program one last time. Especially given her incredible work ethic, I will always wonder what could have been if she hadn't been forced to change to counter-clockwise jumping.

I hope she enjoys retirement and remembers all she achieved in her great career very fondly. She was so beloved all over the world! And I hope she knows that.


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I am really going to miss her. She tried so hard, over so many seasons to improve her skating (and make herself competitive). She even had the guts to go for a 3-axel this season (that looked close)!

I would love to see her switch to Ice Dance (like Takahashi) and continue to compete for many more years.


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Oh dear, is someone cutting onions in here?

There are very few skaters, especially in singles, who achieve Sotoko’s level of artistry and attention to detail. We will be lucky to see even a few to match her.

I will be forever sad that there wasn’t quite enough room to fit her on that podium in Pyeongchang.

I hope she has a wonderful future and that we still get to see many more beautiful performances from her.


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...brilliant, expressive, versatile, subtle... there is no enough adjectives to describe Tiny Queen.
Working with my terminally ill patients, I dared once to show one of my patient a video with Satoko skating. If you would have seen my patient's reaction! Satoko's skating literally gave her back spark of strength and hope; inner harmony.

IMHO Satoko achieved a level where she skated with her soul AND body...her body literally was like a music instrument where strings for this instrument were her skating movements. Though, not everyone is able to love such a subtle and beautiful skating. Her dresses always were exceptional. Thank you Satoko. Thank you from all my patients to whom you have helped. I am sure that whatever she will decide to do next, it will be done with the same intensity and depth.
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