Evgenia Medvedeva Has Retired


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It appears that two-time Olympic medalist and three-time World medalist Evgenia Medvedeva has retired. I'm surprised there is not a thread about this at FSU. Maybe because it hasn't been covered much? I looked at wikipedia first to see where she was at, career-wise. This is the last sentence under her "Career" section:

In December 2021, Medvedeva announced that she'd ended her competitive skating career due to a chronic back injury.

So I looked here at FSU to read the thread about her retirement. Nothing. :confused::confused::confused:

Then I did a general google search and a google news search. Found this article:

The third section there is entitled, "About ending sports career".

She was such a wonder to watch. Her retirement is a great loss to the sport. But her health is so much more important.
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She explained everything in her recent Olympic Channel interview (highly recommend to read, it’s a great one)

She is going to Beijing as Russian Olympic Committee official ambassador and a part of Channel 1 tv crew. She also took part in exhibitions at Russian Nationals skating to ‘Alegria’ that was supposed to be her competitive program.


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Ok - I adore Medvedeva.....always have. She has a unique soul and inner strength. And my goodness is she gorgeous!.

However, I do not understand anything she was talking about. It will be wonderful to have her on the OLY committee.

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