Program Information Spreadsheet 2019-20


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Hi everyone! I have started a NEW program information spreadsheet for 2019-20. Here it is:

A couple comments:

1. @Sylvia and I will update this sheet jointly. We'll try to keep it as current as possible, but bear in mind we're doing this in our spare time, so there may be some gaps now & then.

--Note-- This year, we are prioritizing program information for seniors. We will try to enter information for juniors as time permits. However, many juniors don't announce their programs ahead of time, which results in a wave of new program information all at once as the JGP starts, and it can be difficult to keep up. So, we'll do what we can with juniors, but the main focus will be keeping seniors updated.

2. Please keep posting any new program info you find in the Program Music thread!! :) We will add it to the spreadsheet!

3. In the Program Information spreadsheet, we've listed 1) the top 24 finishers or so from each discipline at Worlds/Junior Worlds; 2) any skaters who are expected to be on the GP or Junior GP next year; 3) other notable skaters who have a following on FSU/elsewhere. However, just FYI, this spreadsheet is NOT a comprehensive list of every competitive skater out there.

4. If you have any comments/suggestions about the spreadsheets, please PM me and @Sylvia. We'll try to make changes as needed but again, just bear in mind this is something we're doing in our spare time.

5. I believe the admins will hopefully post this thread as a sticky at the top of Great Skate Debate.

I hope the info in this sheet is useful! You can also bookmark it in your web browser for quick reference. And, again, any help people can provide in terms of posting information in the Program Music thread is MUCH appreciated! You can also PM us with any new program information. Thanks!


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Thanks for this! Can you freeze the top row of each of the sheets so the column titles stay on top? That woule be super helpful :) ETA: its done on some of the sheets but not all

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