Olympics-Chinese figure skating judge banned for bias back at Beijing Games (Reuters)


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Huang Feng received a one-year suspension in June 2018 for biased judging of pairs figure skating at the Pyeongchang Olympics that year.

For the Beijing Games, which begin on Friday, Huang is listed as a technical controller, an official who supervises technical specialists and can propose corrections regarding the level of difficulty identified for a given element.


Excerpt from the Reuters article I just posted in the Officials thread (that was moved from GSD into the 2022 Winter Games forum):
At the 2018 Games, Canadian pairs skater Meagan Duhamel and partner Eric Radford won bronze. Duhamel said that when she studied the detailed scores, she realised one judge had been particularly harsh in marking some pairs.
She was not surprised when Huang was suspended later that year.
"You should not be allowed to be suspended, and your reward is working the next Olympics," Duhamel, who retired after Pyeongchang, told Reuters.
"We as a sport have been trying to clear those people out, not welcome them back in."
Bruno Marcotte, who coached Duhamel, his wife, said Huang would face heightened scrutiny in Beijing.
"I dream that one day judges will represent the ISU and not their countries," he told Reuters. "But I don't think that will happen any time soon."

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