Two Chinese judges from the 2018 Olympics are suspended by the ISU


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@sleepingsleeping So it’s not that I don’t agree that a 10 is unwarranted based on those rules (although I can’t recall an error, I haven’t watched it since the Olympics), it is a bit strange to have a new member show up solely to post that information.

As your post said, that is a guideline. Guidelines can be broken if appropriate. I think it was completely warranted in the case of Hanyu’s Olympic performance - it was truly a stunning skate the likes of which we rarely see.

If we say "Guidelines can be broken if appropriate." We will not be able to condemn Chinese judges. Because she did not violate any rules and just judged under the given discretionary discretion.
"4 Lz fall" "OK, I like the height, I will give + 5 to his jump." Once the judge starts to do this, it is no longer a competition.

This Chinese judge has entered as a judge in most competitions of jin in the 2017-2018 season and has repeatedly made the same judgment as the Olympic Games.

Finlandia Trophy Espoo 2017
ISU GP Audi Cup of China 2017
ISU GP 2017 Bridgestone Skate America
ISU Four Continents Championships 2018
Chinese judges were pointed out the issue of national bias before the Olympic Games.
The Olympic Up-scorers

Weiguang Chen

Nevertheless, she did such a judge.

112.75 : Boyang JIN
111.36 : HANYU Yuzuru
103.65 : FERNANDEZ Javier
101.46 : UNO Shoma
85.90 : ZHOU Vincent
81.29 : CHEN Nathan
Updated Highest Score.

217.70 : Boyang JIN  with Fall
212.21 : CHEN Nathan
207.86 : HANYU Yuzuru
191.04 : UNO Shoma
189.79 : ZHOU Vincent
181.81 : FERNANDEZ Javier

330.45 : Boyang JIN   with Fall
319.22 : HANYU Yuzuru
293.50 : CHEN Nathan
292.50 : UNO Shoma
285.46 : FERNANDEZ Javier
275.69 : ZHOU Vincent
Updated Highest Score with Fall.

The situation will be worse if the range of GOE is expanded. If you do not make rules so that judges must obey it, the meaning of competition will be lost. For example, Fall should be "must-5".
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The problem is more serious as the technical controller does the national bias. 9 judges are bound by technical judgment, such as UR and edge error. ISU is crazy. The problem is that Chinese judges received a warning before the Olympic game. Nevertheless, they made such a judgment at the Olympic game. We can not expect them to be fair in their judgment.
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New Phil Hersh article: http://www.globetrottingbyphilipher...aying-unacceptable-game-of-ethical-relativism

Feng was allowed to take the techical controller test, despite the suspension.

Updated link: http://www.globetrottingbyphilipher...federation-mocks-fans-with-ethical-relativism

I think it fair that he be allowed to attend training, but to take TC test?! I hope they don't at least plan to appoint him as TC until he was reinstated the season after and got to show some better judging.


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Who cares, Parker was not suspended. Must treat everyone fairly.

Do you punish them for reasons that they made judgments far away from the judge average? However, there is a possibility that the majority of judges are wrong.

Coaches and judges often lobby — sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly — for skaters from their countries, these officials said. And in some cases, they said, scores for a particular skater are all but predetermined.
“Sometimes you’re on a panel where five or six people have agreed to what they’re going to do and what range they’re going to mark and how they’re going to go after a team,” explained another judge. In those cases, she said, someone who does not participate in that collusion, and whose scores therefore do not align with the others on the panel, “can look like they’re biased when in fact they are not.”

I do not think the J2 USA judge Lorrie Parker did an incorrect judge.

Men Single Skating FS

115.11 CHEN Nathan
110.59 ZHOU Vincent
103.14 UNO Shoma
102.40 Boyang JIN
92.56 HANYU Yuzuru
89.46 KOLYADA Mikhail
84.11 FERNANDEZ Javier
79.06 BYCHENKO Alexei
75.78 RIPPON Adam
72.49 CHAN Patrick

J2 USA judge Lorrie Parker
19.10 FERNANDEZ Javier GOE minus 0 place
16.80 CHEN Nathan   GOE minus 1 place
13.20 RIPPON Adam   GOE minus 1 place
10.10 CHAN Patrick   GOE minus 2 places
9.70 HANYU Yuzuru GOE minus 2 places
8.70 BYCHENKO Alexei
7.70 ZHOU Vincent
6.20 UNO Shoma
3.10 Boyang JIN
0.00 KOLYADA Mikhail

131.91 CHEN Nathan
118.29 ZHOU Vincent
109.34 UNO Shoma
105.50 Boyang JIN
103.21 FERNANDEZ Javier
102.26 HANYU Yuzuru
89.46 KOLYADA Mikhail
88.98 RIPPON Adam
87.76 BYCHENKO Alexei
82.59 CHAN Patrick

96.00 FERNANDEZ Javier
94.50 HANYU Yuzuru
93.50 UNO Shoma
93.50 CHEN Nathan
93.00 RIPPON Adam
93.00 CHAN Patrick
85.50 KOLYADA Mikhail
81.00 ZHOU Vincent
80.00 Boyang JIN
79.00 BYCHENKO Alexei

225.41 CHEN Nathan
202.84 UNO Shoma
199.29 ZHOU Vincent
199.21 FERNANDEZ Javier
196.76 HANYU Yuzuru
185.50 Boyang JIN
181.98 RIPPON Adam
175.59 CHAN Patrick
174.96 KOLYADA Mikhail
166.76 BYCHENKO Alexei

Yuzuru ranked fifth, because BV was fifth, and Yuzuru's performance had two GOE minus mistakes in the performance.

YUZURU 2016-2017 2017-2018

97.08:ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017  no mistake
94.34:ISU Four Continents Championships 2017
94.38:ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2017
93.56:ISU World Team Trophy 2017
92.52:ISU GP NHK Trophy 2016
92.36:ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2016
89.50:2017 Autumn Classic International
88.12:ISU GP 2016 Skate Canada International
86.60:2016 Autumn Classic International

Olympic Games2018

98.00:Japan (9.75、9.75、9.75、10.00、9.75)

Yuzuru made two big mistakes. The judge who gave PCS higher than Helsinki World is strange. I think the USA judge is making better judgment than the Japanese judge. It is unfair to give 10.00 to a performance with big mistake.
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