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The ISU publishes its high-level strategic framework “ISU Vision 2030” (June 16, 2023): https://www.isu.org/isu-news/news/6...ic-framework-isu-vision-2030?templateParam=15
... The “ISU Vision 2030” program was shaped following the outcome of more than 100 interviews with internal and external stakeholders (including athletes), an ISU Member Survey which was issued in 2022 (with a response rate of 84%) as well as the inputs gathered from the 2023 ISU Member Conferences.

“To be competitive in today’s world and remain relevant for current audiences and appeal to young generations of skaters and fans, our focus is to evolve our product and fan engagement system” commented ISU President Jae Youl Kim.

The foundation of the ISU Vision 2030 is to embrace a culture of openness and willingness to change, acquire new capabilities to be competitive in a quickly evolving sports world and invest to fuel the progress and change we desire. The framework consists of five interrelated pillars; Growth, Opportunity, Innovation, Safeguarding and Unity (GOISU):

Growth: Excite and attract global fans through better fan engagement, reach and engage more fans through clearer rules and decisions, and maximize revenues to fuel sustainable growth.

Opportunity: expand global skating population and provide guidance and resources to have skaters from more countries on the podium.

Innovation: evolve skating product to be relevant to the next generation and innovate our way of working.

Safeguarding: promote athletes’ physical and mental wellbeing, enforce zero tolerance for doping and competition manipulation for clean competition and do our part in environmental sustainability.

Unity: enhance collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and strengthen the ISU’s governance.

Link to the "ISU Vision 2030" document (6 pages): https://isu.org/inside-isu/rules-regulations/decisions-of-the-isu-council/31376-isu-vision-2030/file

Re. "Excite and attract global fans through better fan engagement": https://www.isu.org/isu-news/news/1...entators-contributors-wanted?templateParam=15
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Is the Tour de France popular or getting increasingly popular with their social media strategy and vision?

Every non cycling fan I know probably thinks of doping first when hearing about it.

I think gymnastics would be a better comparison, it seems to have at least been very popular whenever there's a big event in Germany (I went in Stuttgart) and also the big arenas were full and the tickets were affordable. For me attending an artistic gymnastics Euros or Worlds seems both more accessible and more affordable than skating at the moment. I wonder why skating events seem to be so much more expensive to hold? I read the German fed applied with the small and unattractive rink in Essen, because the big arenas would cost too much money, but artistic gymnastics can always afford at least the middle sized arenas in Stuttgart or Munich, is the ice the problem?

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