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Nathan Chen (#Slaythan Fans) thread

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by Sylvia, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Laura4

    Laura4 Well-Known Member

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  2. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

  3. chapis

    chapis Well-Known Member

  4. Vagabond

    Vagabond Well-Known Member

    :wideeyes: :encore:

    I've been waiting seven years for that! :cheer2:

    I loved how Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir were reduced to shameless fangirl and fanboi. :giggle:

    And Nathan Chen is still dwarfed by Johnny Weir! :eek:
  5. psycho

    psycho Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever landed 5 quads in one program before? Not just in the US, but ever?

    He did an amazing job! Major props!
  6. Sasha'sSpins

    Sasha'sSpins Sending positive energies to Mirai!...

    Nathan stole my heart when he was an adorable 10 year old little boy skating to "Peter and the Wolf" with his cute 'wolf' claws. <3 I've been a HUGE fan of his ever since and it has been a joy watching him develop and fulfill his potential. I was so scared for him last year with his injury. I thought it might even be career ending. Thank goodness he recovered fully and is now back stronger than ever.

    Nathan Chen is the new Quad King!:respec::rockstar:

    I'll be cheering for him all the way to the Olympics! :cheer2: :cheer:
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  7. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Nathan crushed it. I'm so impressed and agreed with Weir that there was actually a program there and not just going up and down the ice doing jumps.
    He has out-Boyanged Boyang who is probably no longer seen as world medal threat this year given how the rest of the world has upped its game.

    US broadcast was fairly OTT for Nathan and with reason. However, I will throw in these two asterisks:

    1. Let's see how the body holds up. I think chances are good he's still walking by the Olympics but let's hope anyway
    2. You learn a lot about an athlete when you see them perform with heightened expectations. I'll fully buy in when I see how the 2017 fall season goes, right through to nationals.
  8. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I feel the same.
    I trust that he will continue to allow his maturing artistry to grow and "inhabit" his performances; so that it can equal his wonderful technical gifts.
  9. Pretty Vegas

    Pretty Vegas Well-Known Member

    Nathan really impressed me this week - more so than I thought he would (and I already found him to be super endearing!) He's really coming in to his own. Watching his interviews, he's got this quiet confidence. He seems really sure of himself and his abilities - but not in a cocky way, more of just, "Yeah, I know you guys have these expectations of me and I know I can deliver on them." I'm curious to see if he can withstand this high level he's been producing throughout the second half of the season - but he seems to have good stamina and conditioning - as well as just sheer will to skate well.
  10. Spiralgraph

    Spiralgraph Well-Known Member

    I'm very impressed by Nathan Chen but I'm concerned a bit by his willingness to put in a fifth (or heaven forbid sixth quad) just to challenge himself.
    It's one thing to show technical prowess and win by a landslide, but it's a slippery slope down to being foolhardy and risking your health. I want him to be around for a long time, not be a meteor for a year or two who shines brightly then had to stop skating completely because of injuries. Like Joshua Farris.
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  11. Weve3

    Weve3 Well-Known Member

  12. livetoskate

    livetoskate Well-Known Member

    Nathan was the highlight of the championships! And there must be so much dedication and sacrifice on the part of his parents and 4 siblings. If I had 5 kids, there's no way I'd be able to support one in competitive skating. Anyone know what the Chens do for a living? His parents must be pretty open minded to let him do ballet too. I'm now inspired to have my younger son skate.
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  13. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

  14. Spun Silver

    Spun Silver Well-Known Member

    His ability to handle pressure is extraordinary.
  15. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Interesting statement considering I wouldn't say he's had much yet.

    It's all pretty much fun and games through Finland. If he medals there, then we'll see what's up with his face all over every USFSA poster and media unit pumping up the fan base about the team's Olympic potential.
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  16. Jammers

    Jammers Well-Known Member

    He had huge amounts of pressure here at Nationals. He was hyped to the moon and didn't blink once. And i guarantee if he finishes 4th at Worlds he won't crawl into a hole and collapse next season he will just come back with a vengeance.
  17. chapis

    chapis Well-Known Member

    to try so many quads at any competition is enough pressure.
  18. gk_891

    gk_891 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully he can pace himself well enough. It'd be a shame if he turns out to be a shooting star as opposed to a rising star.
  19. shine

    shine Well-Known Member

    The last time I watched his skating was maybe when he was still not even a novice and I thought he was super talented. And WOW did I just fall in love with this guy after seeing his SP at US Nationals, which he did such a wonderful job presenting! Love his musicality, smooth and crisp edging, and the beautiful, masculine carriage! He's special!
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  20. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

    Stephane Lambiel was asked about Nathan's Nationals free skate at the end of this interview at Europeans: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/01/24/214282678/lambiel-cherishes-time-on-other-side-of-boards
  21. DreamSkates

    DreamSkates Well-Known Member

    3. and now, right through to Worlds! Rock on, Nathan. He seemed to hold up well under the pressure at Nationals not to mention throwing in a 4S on the fly.
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  22. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    So I admit I never watched his famous 2010 gala performance, though NBC made sure I saw tons of clips of it. I finally decided to see it for myself in full, and my God! No wonder people were hyping him up so much. Those skating skills at 10 years-old and that fearlessness and ability to project and commit to that choreography.


    Nathan is truly special.
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  23. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

  24. Pretty Vegas

    Pretty Vegas Well-Known Member

    If you have access to the Scott Hamilton show on Icenetwork (Not sure if it's something you have to be subscribed for or not), his latest episode has a great interview with Nathan that took place after Nationals (there's a shorter version and then if you search in the videos, you can find the extended video, it's about 15 minutes of an interview with him as opposed to 7-8 mins in the show)

    My favorite part is when Scott tells Nathan he should bring back Peter and the Wolf as a program. :rofl:
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  25. shine

    shine Well-Known Member

    He's so gifted in the way he uses those blades and it's evident during the step sequence. This sounds cliche, but watching him you really get the sense that he's born to be on the ice.
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  26. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

    Here's the link to Hamilton's extended interview with Nathan: http://web.icenetwork.com/video/topic/207337050/v1221162583

    Nathan and Rafael Arutuynyan/Arutunian will be featured on the "Ice Talk" podcast on IN this week (ETA: see link posted below by Pretty Vegas).
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  27. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else noticed that Nathan doesn't smile for podium pictures? I wonder if he's self conscious about his teeth... not that he should be, he's got a great smile.
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  28. VIETgrlTerifa

    VIETgrlTerifa Well-Known Member

    On Instagram, every time there's a pic of Nathan smiling, a skater always comments on it with surprise. Happens on a few accounts. I first noticed it on Alex Shibs' account.
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  29. Pretty Vegas

    Pretty Vegas Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Nathan's lack of a smile seems to be a running gag between the skaters.

    There's an interview with Nathan and Raf (interviewed separately) on this week's episode of Ice Talk - http://web.icenetwork.com/fans/icetalk. Both interviews are really good!!
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  30. Sylvia

    Sylvia U.S. Sectionals are THIS week!

    Nathan is nominated for the USOC's "Best of January" award for his record-breaking Nationals performance (online voting ends on Feb. 6): http://awards.teamusa.org/#cat_236
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