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Apparently the 2-time French champ and possibly the most French of the French skaters doesn’t have his own fan thread yet? After his fabulous ACI performances the situation needs to be remedied ASAP!

(If you have suggestions for a better name for this thread, let me know!)

ACI Prince SP
ACI Lighthouse FS

I still can't believe this just happened:
Thanks to @SkatingScores (Bravo! Bravo!), I can tell you that Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) had won PCS in 13 straight SP & LP before Kevin Aymoz (FRA) beat him today by .1 at #ACI19 @javierfernandez (ESP) was last to beat Hanyu in PCS, by 3.0 at #ACI17


His ISU bio & competitive history

His handle on IG & twitter is @kevin_aym

Here's a throwback to lil' Kev circa 2012 skating his SP in a pretty striking stripey costume

And here's ’Hallelujah’ SP from 2014 featuring another FABULOUS costume: Asymmetrical design with one sparkly illusion mesh sleeve! Bold diagonal stripes! Raggedy bits of fabric! Very artistic!

Kevin in a stylish hoodie skating his ’Radioactive’ SP @ 2017 Jr Worlds (7th place)

Kev2.0 (now with a beard and a quad!) performing his ’Horns’ SP @ SCI 2018

His ’In This Shirt’ program @ SCI 2018

His delightful interview with Tony Wheeler, where he tells the story of how baby Kevin ended up doing ’ockey for girls AKA figure skating

Kevin is also the 2016 French Champion in Sr Men’s Singles Baton Twirling!
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Thanks @nimi !! I looooove Kévin! He’s my light in the world of skaters not bothering with choreographic and musical details anymore. He (and his team) are so creative and passionate. And so French! I was always a fan, since his junior years. His KnC’s are legendary.


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Great idea, he definitely deserves a thread. He has to integrate baton twirling into an Ex. I love his SP this year but not so sure about his long. The costume has to go, the shirt doesn't go with a formal black pant and belt combo. Plus, he clearly hammered the SP because he looked much more uncertain of the choreo in the long. But there is lots of potential for it. It reminds me so much of my beloved Savchenko/Massot though, it will be hard for him to equal their version. But if someone can do it, it's him.


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Great idea, he definitely deserves a thread. He has to integrate baton twirling into an Ex.
I may have posted this very sentiment every time Aymoz has come up in the past two or three years :D

Is there a trend for French guys to bleach their hair like that? I've seen some very concerning pictures of Brian Joubert with a similar look. This is not an improvement over early-aughts frosted tips!

Kevin is, as always, a delight.


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I REALLLY love Kevin too. One of my favorites since last year.

Over the weekend when I checked scores for AC I couldn't believe (that judges gave him the marks) that he beat Yuzuru in PCS!!!!

I think France can be a medal threat in Team event next Olys...

Russia - Gold... and Canada not sure any more... I say the silver and bronze go to USA, Italy or France!!!!


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This is the Kevin Aymoz thread, can we discuss him instead of some over the top Fanyus?

I think I first read about the baton twirling in a JGP thread, and am pretty sure he's worn a skating costume for the baton twirling stuff, or maybe the other way around :D


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Jackie had a chat with Kevin last month and the IceTalk episode is now out: https://twitter.com/IceTalkPodcast/status/1181947463122522117
LISTEN! We’ve got fan favorite Kevin Aymoz @kevin_aym on the brand new #IceTalk today! @rockerskating talked to him at #ACI19 about his innovative programs! And @NickMcCarvel + Jackie chat Japan Open and much more!

Apple: http://bit.ly/icetalk2
Spotify: http://bit.ly/icetalkspotify

Anything GOEs interviewed with him after Masters de Patinage. There are a lot of exclamation marks!! And a question about the baton twirling!!!!



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Kévin!!! :cheer2:

How, exactly, did the Panel of Judges come up with this ranking on Transitions for the Men's Short Program today?

Chen 9.04
Uno 8.61
Samarin 8.39
Aymoz 7.93


Aymoz's entire program was one whole series of well-executed transitions. He should have been first on that component, and by some measure.

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