FIFA World Cup 2018


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I cannot imagine the UK prime minister standing in the pouring rain in a football t-shirt hugging not only her team, but also the opposition players, as the Croatian prime minister did! Total respect, what a gal :respec: Why can't we have a leader like that?


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So @SHARPIE how much did you eventually win on that Kane bet?
Sorry, I went camping yesterday. We did watch the game though. Well done France!

I made £187.50 from a £10.00 stake. I picked him cos he owed me for stopping my club progressing in the FA Cup.

Think we are square now! Cheers Harry!


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It's currently number 2 of the UK singles chart and has a very strong possibility to be number one later today when the chart is done :rofl:
So it was number one in the charts on Friday, but then American Idiot by Green Day was at number two :rofl: got to love the British public!


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Rightly so, he was scapegoated for the lose of German National Team, now the powers that be can face the music.
No, he wasn't. This wasn't about the loss. He couldn't take the criticism and wasn't willing to face the consequences of taking the picture with Erdogan. He didn't even seem to be willing to see why it was seen as controversial.

It seems that there were fractions within the team in general though. There is talk that the older guys weren't accepting the younger ones and the players themselves have said that they didn't play to their full potential. But no player was singled out for the loss.

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