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Based on a discussion in the US Pairs thread: what can the US do to make our pairs better.
To start here:
  1. Which US Pairs would you break up?
  2. Which new US Pairs would you create?
  3. Which singles skaters would you team up a la Cain/Leduc?

Personally, I don't know who I'd break up or put together.

But, I would like to see Francesca Chiera and Hannah Miller switch to pairs.
Aleksei Krasnozhon is so flirty and funny that I'd love to see him do at least one pairs routine, even if it's as a joke or something. Emmanuel Savary would make a good pairs guy - his spins are great and his triples were good, but he's having issues with landing quads in competition.

All I want for future shows is a Caroline/Grant pairs routine. I almost wish they wouldn't retire and come back to do pairs! They even already both have blue costumes from this season.

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Some of us were talking in the Men's SP thread about Emmanuel Savary switching to pairs, and whom he might team up with. I suggested Ashley Cain. Emmanuel is really dancy with great line but I don't know if he's tall enough for her, plus after Nats Cain/LeDuc are looking better. Maybe Marissa.


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I really want to see Grant/Caroline routines too!
Otherwise, I'd like to see pairs NOT shuffle.

And I'd like to see novice singles skaters switch to pairs because they are passionate about the discipline; rather than senior singles skaters switch to pairs because they realized they would never make it to the top in singles and are desperate. We need to build the pairs program from the lower ranks. It can't be a consolation prize.

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