The decline of Blurays, DVDs, and Gaming Discs.. Only Vinyl aka Records are will last for another hundred+ years ....


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From Google...

For the first snapshot of 2023, Music Week can reveal that vinyl LP sales increased by 14.7% year-on-year in Q1 to 1,322,977 units. That compares to year-on-year growth of 6.7% in Q1 2022. Issues with production capacity for vinyl have actually restricted growth for the format, although that situation has improved.
Apr 24, 2023


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Yeah they are all gone except for vinyl records! I personally got rid of my dvd player many moons ago and have not looked back. LOL


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In the case of video games specifically I think a lot of why sales of digital copies are rising is because Playstation and XBox in particular has versions of the PS5 and the current XBox (Series S for the XBox, the Series X has a disc drive) that are cheaper without the disc drive and also frequently easier to get. No sense in buying physical games if they don't have a disc drive.

I am seeing some people going back to buying hard copies of movies and shows because streaming can't always be relied upon to have the shows or movies they want to watch but that's not a trend yet by any means.

I never stopped buying hard copies of movies and video games but my TV shows are mostly digital at this point.


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Vinyl records will last for another 100 years? Not if you play them. They get scratches and warp. (They can warp if you don't play them as well)


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I bought a new dvd player so I can borrow dvds from the library. I do think dvds will have a renaissance at some point. I don’t get why studios don’t pack their dvds with extras like audio commentaries. I love audio commentaries!

Podcasts hosted by celebs who rewatch every episode of their shows are a thing. I listen to any Lost rewatch podcast, and currently follow 90210, The OC, and One Tree Hill. The Office and Gilmore Girls are popular too. Why don’t they release dvds with those podcasts inserted as commentary. Come on!

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