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Happy tears! :wuzrobbed

My stream decided to freeze & cut off before T/M took the ice (it's okay stream, I totally understand why you did it and I should probably thank you) so I came here to say congrats to Aljona & Bruno, the 2017-18 GPF & Olympic & World Gold medalists! Now they've got AAALLLLLL the golds! :swoon:

Also a new WR by EIGHT points (says Jackie) :cheer2:

If this indeed was their last competition, what a way to go out. :wuzrobbed


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On German TV they are showing right now on the big TV station the last group with presenter and experts :respec:. I can't remember, if I ever saw this for figure skating. The experts are Marina Kilius and Hans-Jürgen Bäumler, sehr charmant, (both still good looking), World Champions from 1964. I'm not sure, if it's a good or a bad thing, that we need experts/legends from back then to promote figure skating. It's a live recording. Kilius is sure, they will be champions


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Nothing else to say than :wuzrobbed:swoon::glamor::cheer2::encore: and may I say how much I love Bruno's ability, such a soft giant who really polished and finessed his performances this season to culminate with their best FD performance ever at Worlds, even better than at the Olympics for me. I wish they would continue but of course retiring at the height of their skills would also seal their legend.


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Gonna copypaste Jackie's tweets from the press conference (thread here:

Savchenko/Massot: It was exactly the season that we wanted. We started in September and we said we would give our best to everything. We reached our goal today.

Savchenko/Massot: I think, bc it's the last comp (of the season); we decided to skate here for family & friends. We had just one week of preparation. Thinking about the family who couldn't be at Oly was motivation for us. That's why we gave all our energy

Savchenko/Massot: Of course, the Italian audience was cheering for the Italians. But they were also cheering for everyone else. [Everyone nods] They were amazing.

Savchenko/Massot {when asked about next season): I think about tomorrow. I think about next week.

Massot (on when Savchenko asked him to be her partner): Of course I remember the day, of course I remember the reaction [jaw drops]. It was hard work for her to bring me to her level. It was hard work for me to work hard to get to her level. We remember all the good & bad moments


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I've been a fan of Aljona and then S/M from day 1 and it was so emotional seeing them cry while getting off the ice. I'm really hoping it wasn't because they were thinking that it might have been their last competitive programme. I don't know if yesterday's performance was better than the Olympics. I think they were both equally special. 6 world titles for Aljona, a world title for Bruno. It's such a fairytale ending. And she's such a role model of perseverence. Please don't retire :wuzrobbed though to be honest, what else is there for her to do in the sport?!


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Absolutely thrilled with their showing. Beautiful FS, two WRs, ending the season with 3 Golds. Part of me wants them to keep on competing with lovely, moving programs (this was great, but I actually loved Lighthouse too). But at the same time, I would understand wanting to retire on this insanely high note. I kind of felt that with their tears after the program and at the victory ceremony, they might be leaning toward the latter. Such mixed emotions on that one.


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I can only imagine how Bruno must feel. I find him very brave. Imagine how he must have felt when he was asked to skate with such an accomplished skater as Aljona! He must have thought he was dreaming. And he went for it although she was so much better than he and he worked and worked and improved a lot during a short time. Well and bravely done!


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Oh boy, direct slap at DG/FFSG. During a France TV interview right after the victory ceremony, there was this exchange with the French interviewer:

Interviewer: When you are Olympic champion, World champion for Germany, do you have any regrets about not doing it for France?
Massot: *awkward pause* After everything that has happened, everything Germany has given me, no, I have absolutely no regrets. I'm very happy in Germany, very happy to bring these medals to Germany. Yes, I am still French, therefore this medal shares a little bit with France, but (*long pause*) it ends with my French family and French friends.

Before this question was asked, he was light-hearted, immediately thereafter not one smile.


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3 Olympic medals
1x Gold
2x Bronze

11 World Championships medals

9 European Champioships medals

9 Grand Prix Final medals
5x Gold
1x Silver
3x Bronze

25 Grand Prix medals
18x Gold
3x Silver
4x Bronze

In total 57 career medals on international senior´s level. :encore::glamor:

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