2024/25 ISU calendar of international competitions


ISU Communication No. 2638 - Announcement of International Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance
and Synchronized Skating Competitions 2024/25
(May 24, 2024):


We don't yet have a separate thread for the 2024/25 ISU Challenger Series (can start one when the first Announcements are published?) - here's the list that was published in ISU Communication no. 2619 (March 19, 2024):

ISU Challenger Series 2024/25 (preliminary info document was published on Feb. 23): https://isu.org/inside-isu/isu-communications/communications/33495-isu-communication-2614/file)

Cranberry Cup International, Norwood, Mass. USA (Aug. 8-11) *singles only
John Nicks Pairs Challenge Int’l, New York, NY USA (Sept. 3-4) *pairs only
Lombardia Trophy, Bergamo ITA (Sept. 13-15) *incl. pairs
Nebelhorn Trophy, GER (Sept. 19-21) *incl. pairs
Denis Ten Memorial, Astana KAZ (Oct. 3-6)
Budapest Trophy, Budapest HUN (Oct. 11-13)
Trophy Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur, Nice FRA (Oct. 16-20)
Nepela Memorial, Bratislava SVK (Oct. 24-26)
Tallinn Trophy, Tallinn EST (Nov. 12-17) - same weekend as GP Helsinki
PGE Warsaw Cup, Warsaw POL (Nov. 20-24) *incl. Pairs
Golden Spin, Zagreb CRO (Dec. 4-7) *incl. Pairs

Link to the ISU Junior Grand Prix 2024/25 season info thread in GSD: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/threads/isu-junior-grand-prix-2024-25.111098/
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ice coverage

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@ice coverage can you please repost your comments here? :)

Abridged/edited version better for this thread :):

After the lists of events for singles/pairs/dance and for synchro, page 6 has five solo dance internationals (plus two adult internationals).

After first edition of Kings Cup International in Oct 2023 in California, it will not return in 2024.​

(Original rambling from me is here: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/th...petitions-2023-24-season.110752/#post-6599058)
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Back this year! 4-10 November 2024 Graz AUT Icechallenge :)

ETA Senior/Junior/Novice internationals in July - September 2024:

28-31 July 2024 Lake Placid USA Lake Placid International Ice Dance Competition (Senior/Junior)
1-3 August 2024 Manila PHI South East Asian Open Trophy Figure Skating (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
8-11 August 2024 Norwood (MA) USA Cranberry Cup International (Junior/Novice singles)
2-6 September 2024 Kowloon Bay HKG Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
12-15 September 2024 Jelgava LAT Jelgava Cup 2024 (Senior/Junior singles)
23-25 September 2024 Bibra Lake, Western Australia AUS Swan Trophy International (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
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Japan Open (invitational) in early October is not listed this year. ISU World Figure Skating Team Trophy will be 17-20 April 2025 in Tokyo JPN.

3-5 October 2024 Shanghai CHN Shanghai Trophy (Senior singles, pairs, dance)
3-6 October 2024 Astana KAZ Denis Ten Memorial Challenge (Junior singles & dance)
11-13 October 2024 Budapest HUN Budapest Trophy (Senior pairs; Junior singles, pairs, dance)
12-13 October 2024 Dundee GBR Tayside Trophy (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & pairs)
16-20 October 2024 Nice FRA Trophy Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur (Junior singles, pairs, dance)
17-20 October 2024 Katowice POL Diamond Spin (Senior/Junior/Novice singles, pairs, dance)
23-27 October 2024 Otopeni ROU Crystal Skate (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
24-26 October 2024 Reykjavik ISL Fire & Ice Cup (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
24-27 October 2024 Mentana (Rome) ITA Mezzaluna Cup Ice Dance (Senior/Junior/Novice)
31 October-3 November 2024 Riga LAT Volvo Open Cup 53rd (Senior/Junior singles)
31 October-3 November 2024 Lausanne SUI Swiss Ice Skating Open (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & dance)
31 October-3 November 2024 Trnava SVK 16th Tirnavia Ice Cup (Senior/Junior singles & Jr. pairs)

4-10 November 2024 Graz AUT Icechallenge (Senior/Junior/Novice singles, pairs, dance)
5-10 November 2024 Sofia BUL Denkova-Staviski Cup 2024 (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & dance)
8-10 November 2024 Olomouc CZE Pavel Roman Memorial (Senior/Junior/Novice dance)
12-17 November 2024 Tallinn EST Tallinn Trophy (Senior & Junior pairs; Junior/Novice singles & dance)
12-17 November 2024 Dortmund GER NRW Trophy (Senior/Junior/Novice singles, pairs, dance)
14-17 November 2024 Celje SLO Skate Celje (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
25 November-1 December 2024 Istanbul TUR Bosphorus Cup (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & dance)
27 November-2 December 2024 Budapest HUN Santa Claus Cup (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & dance)

4-7 December 2024 Zagreb CRO Golden Spin of Zagreb (Junior singles, pairs, dance)
4-8 December 2024 Otopeni ROU Magic Christmas Cup (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)
10-15 December 2024 Otopeni ROU Edusport Trophy (Senior/Junior/Novice singles & dance)
13-15 December 2024 Sarajevo BIH Sarajevo Trophy 2024 (Senior/Junior/Novice singles)


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Some interesting changes - we know Finland would not host Finlandia Trophy so some other needed to host. Happy Tallinn will have one instead. They deserve it with all the great work they have done hosting Championships the last couple of season and geographically not far from Finland.

I do not like that it collide with GP Espoo, but what can we do, schedule is busy (bye bye social life ;))

Denis Ten Challenger is pretty early this season - it´s like a month earlier? Or was it perhaps later last season?

I find it very interesting that Iceland will host another international competition at fall and have two international overall. Bravo! However, Reykjavik International Games often come too close to Euros, so maybe the fall competition will have more competitors and maybe higher ranked skaters.

Norway will continue with Sonja Henie Trophy, great! In addition they will host Nordics Open next season, so they will even host two up close. There goes my dream of Norway bidding on Euros 2025... particular since they will have WC in Single Distance in March. I was thinking Euros could have been a perfect rehearsal for WC in March. I was sure Finland would host Nordics.. they havn´t since 2018. But I guess since they even cancelled Finlandia, Nordics wasn´t a priority either.

Talking of dreams of Euros 2025, Sweden is completely out of the international calendar next season... A pity with a full team and up and coming skaters. They really should be in the mix as well - and with their experience of hosting Championships before and an open calendar figure skating wise, it seems actually like Sweden could be a good option. Tallinn with a Challenger now out of the question I think, same with Finland, Sheffield would be two years in a row, same with Kaunas... Torino has World University Game next season.

I´ll say Germany or Sweden.

Speaking of Germany - they will have Skate Berlin next season, cool!

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