Really, part deux


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Hi everybody.

I feel bad that I haven't been updating you, but seriously, there hasn't been much to update. Lee continues to make progress, getting a little better all the time, and I have been just coping... must be the dark and cold of winter, getting me down, but this last month has been a bit tough. It's been -40* up here for the last week or so; schools all closed, travel not recommended, makes a person want to start a fire and just stay inside. On top of all that, January 31 was day 800. Lord, the strength that woman has, to have done this for 800 days ...

I spoke at a Conference in Edmonton the last few days... my hotel (the Westin Edmonton) had a water pipe freeze and burst, flooded the place out. They had to relocate ALL the guests to other Edmonton Hotels, move out ALL the convention sessions to other facilities, and begin the process of trying to pump everything out and clean up the mess. I feel sorry for them... working with water-related issues in -40* weather is terribly difficult.

I got back last night, walked into Lee's room after being away for 2 days, and she was awake, smiled and opened her arms, said "You're Back!" so clearly and happily that I couldn't help but feel better.

Her Doctors and nurses are pleased with her progress the last few weeks; she isn't quite back to where she was before we left Red Deer and she had the 3 surgeries before Christmas, but she is getting there... the doctor in charge of her Rehab Team in Red Deer drove out to see her last week, and says she is ready to re-enter the program, so as soon as a space opens up, Lee will be getting another transfer back to Red Deer for Physical Rehab. Her vision has gotten worse, and we haven't been able to get that dealt with (because of all the other stuff), so she can't read or do much with the internet, yet. That's on my to-do list. We sat there last night, and I read her cards and letters from you guys; I kept asking her who everyone was, where you were from, if she had met you and where, if *I had met you, and where... it was a nice way to spend some time.

Anyway, sorry I took so long to update. I'll try to get myself out of this funk and do better. Have a great day!

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Lord, the strength this man has, to have done this for 800 days!!!

I'm so happy this has been a time of improvement, even if it's been a bit slower than everyone wants. Please don't ever be hard on yourself for not updating us. The conditions up there sound brutal. Who in their right mind would want to go out? Anyone who carries on at even 50% of normal is a quiet hero IMO (writing from balmy New England, where - so far - we are having an unexpectedly mild winter... and I am nonetheless in a bit of a funk myself over it today). But - the days are getting longer and brighter and that makes everything better.

My best to Lee. God be with you both, and may the year's great thawing and budding reach you soon - literally and figuratively!


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Thanks @Gerry I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Lee can get new glasses or other visual aids. It was fun having her online, and, as she said, “you only need one working finger.”


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One positive note, on top of the news of Lee's progress, is the fact that we are now past the half way point of Winter (y)

Sorry you had to experience all that in Edmonton @Gerry - wow!!

Never apologize for keeping us waiting for updates - we totally understand where your priorities lie :)


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Good to hear from you Gerry, thank you for keeping us updated on you and Lee. Keep the faith, and we'll keep the good thoughts going to you both!


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800+ days is remarkable, for both of you. Glad you have been surviving this bitter cold; it ain't easy. Hopefully her transfer to rehab will be followed by a transfer HOME, for good!

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