NBC, Peacock, and Multiple Other Networks Have Their 2021-22 Schedules Listed


How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
I'm a little concerned about the Peacock coverage of 2022 U. S. Nationals. I checked the streaming coverage today and all of the Championship (Senior) events are listed but NONE of the Junior events are listed. The first Jr. event is on January 4 and the first Championship event is on January 6.

I sent an email to USFS asking about the Jr. coverage but haven't received a reply. I also spent 30 minutes trying to speak or chat over the internet with someone at Peacock but the "bot" never found an agent to answer my questions.
Junior events often don't show up in Peacock listing until a couple of days beforehand. I'd only be worried if they still aren't listed on Monday.

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