My kitty cat has cancer


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So sorry for your loss @Lanie but I'm glad you guys were there showering her with love up until the end. :wuzrobbed :fragile::(


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@Lanie I'm so sorry for your loss but I'm glad you were able to be with her at the end. May you find comfort as you grieve, and may she always be in your heart.


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Thank you all. I am so sad. The house feels empty without her. Mini said he had a dream last night she miraculously came back. He said it made him happy and maybe her spirit was visiting him :wuzrobbed

We have another cat, but she isn't a Velcro cat like Pretzel who was also very possessive and dominant of us. She really hates Mini, so we have been trying to rehome her for the past few months due to our upcoming move. (Which I feel bad about, but I think it's the best for our other kitty to be in a home without kids and an airplane trip I am afraid will traumatize her.)

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