Let's Talk Movies #36 - 2020 - Yep it is a new decade


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Speaking of Villeneuve, I wasn’t a fan of Arrival so I was worried about how I’d enjoy Dune.


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7/10 – Truth, Dance and Reconciliation – A short 2013 documentary (43 minutes) which tells the story of the horrors of Canada’s residential schools…through dance. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet wanted to reach a larger audience and decided to create a ballet to reach out to the Indigenous community. They worked with Indigenous writers and musicians and together, created a ballet based on a story written by novelist Joseph Boyden. This documentary covers the progress of this new work really well. But there is very little dance shown, which was my only disappointment. The ballet was performed in about ten cities across Canada. But I googled to find if that ballet was filmed and released for home viewers to watch. But could not find anything. ☹

Trailer for Truth, Dance and Reconciliation: https://vimeo.com/112632850

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