Justin Dillon steps into Mitch Moyer's role at USFS


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Announced this morning:

U.S. Figure Skating today announced the promotion of Justin Dillon to Senior Director of Athlete High Performance, leading Team USA’s athlete development and support efforts, as Mitch Moyer shifts to a Senior Advisor role with the organization.

Their respective new roles will go into effect immediately.

“This is a big first step in moving toward the future of U.S. Figure Skating for generations to come, and we couldn’t be more excited,” U.S. Figure Skating CEO Tracy Marek said. “Mitch built a strong foundation for Team USA, and we’re thrilled to have him continue his work as a mentor to the athletic side of U.S. Figure Skating and assisting with organizational strategies and projects. With Mitch moving into a new role, we knew we needed someone that represents the future of Team USA skaters, and Justin’s integral contributions to the emerging U.S. athletes in the developmental pipeline made him the perfect person for the job. Justin emulates our vision for the future of U.S. Figure Skating, and we are ecstatic to watch him bring his passion and skating knowledge to the forefront of Team USA.”


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Is this easing out the old guy who is little out of touch for someone younger?


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Or maybe it's Mitch himself who wants to transition into doing other things.

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Another USFS High Performance staffing update:

Q&A: Meet U.S. Figure Skating's New High Performance Director, Kyoko Ina
Get to know three-time Olympian and World bronze medalist Kyoko Ina as she begins her new role as U.S. Figure Skating’s director of high performance.

"Last month, U.S. Figure Skating welcomed Kyoko Ina to the headquarters staff as the director of high performance. ...

Following her skating career, Ina has served as the high performance pairs coordinator for U.S. Figure Skating since 2017 ..."

(May 26)​
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"Moyer Looks Back Fondly As First Director of Athlete High Performance" is the topic of Skating magazine's Message From The Editor in Jun-Jul 2023 issue, which now is available online. (See page 4.)

Part of a quote from Mitch Moyer near the end of the column: "The last couple of years we've had a succession plan. I've been mentoring [Justin Dillon] to take over the program."
Seems to indicate that with Moyer's blessing, the transition to new roles for both was in the pipeline before CEO Marek's arrival.

Some of the historical details in the column were new to me:
Moyer was "hired in 2006 to fill the position initiated by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee ..."
" 'That first quad (four-year Olympic cycle) was all about getting everyone -- athletes, coaches, officials -- to work together,' said Moyer, who was handed a computer and a four-year plan for the Olympic quad in his start-up role. ... "
"One of the main vehicles of bringing everyone together then, and now, has been Champs Camp, which Moyer launched in 2007 ..."

Links to Skating magazine (Jun-Jul 2023 issue for now, although next issue eventually will replace it):

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