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Maybe this belongs in PI, but Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson has died at age 58 of cancer.

I did not agree with his politics and the Iraq war was a giant strategic and moral mistake. But he wrote beautifully and tried to live his deep faith. RIP.
I posted in PI but thanks for posting this here. I'm shocked. I had no idea he was ill. His columns were compassionate and humane. I was always glad to read them.


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Robert Clary, the last surviving member of "Hogan's Heroes" has died. I knew he played Corporal LeBeau on that silly show. What I didn't know: He was an Auschwitz survivor as a teen and lost his parents there. RIP
This is the kind of fact that I learn but then forget. He has talked over the years about what it was like doing Hogan's Heros after actually being in Auschwitz.


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I found out around 4 years ago that I was kin to Stevie Nicks. I was always sharing videos of Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie from her solo 1994 album on Facebook around that time.

One of my first cousins replied to a video I had posted. He said that he realized I didn't know and I was literally in shock after he told me. My first cousin's dad (my Uncle Ray) and Stevie Nicks had the same grandfather. That made me second cousins to Stevie.

In the early years (the 80's & 90s'), MTV showed several videos of Fleetwood Mac. So many of my friends began telling me that I had Stevie Nick's eyes. I never gave it a second thought back then, but now I know why. I also believe maybe that's the reason I loved Fleetwood Mac so much.

Monday, I listened to my two album set of Fleetwood Mac Live 1980. I then listened to my album, Christine McVie 1994. While I was listening to Got A Hold On Me, suddenly a very sad feeling came over me. I didn't know why at the time, but I knew something was wrong.

I was devastated when I found out yesterday that Christine McVie passed away at age 79. My dad loved Fleetwood Mac and listened to their music all the time. He was also 79 years old when he passed away which was February 27th, 2012.

Chistine, you are a legend, and I will miss you so much. RIP, Christine. 💓💞



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I'm sad to hear about Christine McVie's passing. I started listening to Fleetwood Mac when I was in high school & always loved her songs. She never got the press or attention that Stevie Nicks did, nor the "auteur" respect that Lindsey Buckingham seemed to receive from the music press, but to me she was just as big a talent as those two. She was kind of unique in the rock world; there was no one else quite like her, that I can think of. Her voice and her songs were soothing and lush yet surprisingly emotionally resonant. (She also had the same birthday as me. :D) Rest in peace, Christine. 💔


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There was indeed no one else like Christine McVie in the rock world and no other band like Fleetwood Mac, with three lead vocalists, two of them women, in very large part because of her. :respec:

This is exactly why I liked Fleetwood Mac so much as a young person. There weren't many rock bands at that time that had great women vocalists/musicians. They were relatable for me, in a way that male-dominated bands weren't always.


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Loved her.
Joan! I did forget. I also loved Chrissie Hynde of "The Pretenders." Brass in Pocket and Back on The Chain Gang are two of my all time favorite songs...I mean top 10 easily. I hear you when you talk about your history...Fleetwood Mac brings back memories of this boy and his Camaro. It doesn't seem possible that she is gone (or that we are old.)

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