Gilles and Poirier Cheer Thread


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It doesn't matter what country a skater comes from. If they have good programmes, I will say nice things about them. I am very easy to please. :saint:
Do you like any Canadian skaters though? like a genuine question. you tend to always bring up a Canadian team or canadian audiences in negative manner. Like why the hate, what did canada do to ireland bruh? Could you tell me why your dislike towards them?


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Do you like any Canadian skaters though?
No, I hate them and all their perky ways. :p

Like why the hate, what did canada do to ireland bruh?
I have no idea who "bruh" is, but there is a poutine truck at one of the markets here. Crimes against potatoes must not go unpunished! :lynch:

Could you tell me why your dislike towards them?
Perky poutine. I rest my case. :mitchell:


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Shout out of support to Piper and Paul hoping they will skate their very best, have their moments and be properly and fairly rewarded for both their amazing and esp., "stellar" programs this season. I also applaud their many, years, of DIVERSE, innovative, entertaining and always unique programs. In a sea of clones, many of who seem to do the same program but to different music season after season; I really appreciate Piper and Paul who actually challenge themselves to try different styles, a full range of characters, and for always bringing a new twist to required elements season after season. V&M have moved on, but the future is still very bright and the present is looking pretty darn fantastic, proving to this fan that indeed Canada still CAN DANCE!


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Cheese in any shape or form does not belong on potatoes. :mitchell:

Or any good food for that matter. :shuffle:

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Well, someday I hope to realize my lifelong dream of visiting Ireland and I promise to leave my cheese curd at home. My paternal grandmother was from Ireland and, sure enough, my DNA indicates I am 28% Irish. I think I am more than that. I have always loved everything from Ireland, in fact, my oldest daughter's name is Shannon and I had picked it for my future daughter before I was ten. I especially have a great love of writers from Ireland and find them laugh-out-loud funny.

Now - back to the divine Piper and Paul ......

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