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The Ruutu+ service is different and is mostly only showing national competitions + synchro (+ the Finlandia Trophy). So don't go for that one. :lol:

Edit: Wait, were you asking about the Finlandia Trophy in particular? Then yes, they are showing all of FT from what I understand. I'd assume there's on-demand but not sure. But in any case, Ruutu+ is not free either, so it's not much different from the official FT stream... Another edit: Ahh but with the 14-day free trial period it IS free in the beginning, obviously. :wall: :rofl: Never mind me being slow. Not sure what kind of info it wants when you subscribe though.
Awesome post Hanna :rofl:
I'll try my luck and bring my finnish twin out there.

If it fails, I hope for YT videos coming up and personal footage by you.
We know, you can provide the best here :40beers:


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Ruutu+ can be a bit tricky. You have to log in through a Google account or Facebook or create a "Sanoma-account" to log in. It does not say you have to be in Finland to do it, it just says it only works in Finland, if not otherwise stated, and it is not. It costs nothing to try, you need Google-translate I suppose to get to the free trial. Yle Areena/TV2 shows something, probably not everything, but it stays in Areena for 30 days. Geoblocked also.


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A former national competitor has told Yle about her #metoo experiences with a male coach:
Very short version of the story: "Kati" (not her actual name) was a minor when the (alleged) grooming & inappropriate behavior was going on. She's now an adult. Later on, another former skater contacted her and told about similar experiences with the same coach. This second skater contacted the Fed about it, but because she wasn't prepared to give up her anonymity, the Fed basically said there's nothing they can do. The two women also contacted SUEK aka FINCIS (Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports), who had the same response and did nothing. The coach, whose name or location isn't disclosed in the article and who says he never harassed his students, is still coaching.

Fed's response:

Kiira (who knows the coach) was quoted in the article saying it's a systemic issue and this case could be the tip of the iceberg. She also retweeted the Yle article with the caption "Wake-Up Call!!!" and tagged the Fed's official twitter account.
Update: the coach is not currently coaching. The skating club he was working with said it was a mutual decision to end the working relationship and there were "many factors" behind the decision. The (alleged) harassment was going on earlier, when the man was coaching at a different club.


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Looks like Emmi will be making her GP debut in a few weeks. :watch:
ETA: Ooops I just remembered she actually made her GP debut last year in Helsinki, it just wasn't a very memorable debut :p
Let's hope she skates better this time around!

Peltonen took Hendrickx's spot at Rostelecom.

The Worlds & Euros spots will be once again decided based on SB scores. Both domestic and international scores count.
Jenni's 181.20 from Finlandia is obviously the top score this far, and Viveca is the only current Finnish lady who's been able to score higher in the past. Jenni says that the Euros are her main goal this season, but she's aiming for Worlds as well and she could up her tech content in her programs.
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