Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread


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Finally we have proof that these two are actually on the ice hahaha

If you can't get the Insta link to work, it's a picture of them in Montreal with Marie-France, Sam Chouinard, and Madison Hubble. Christina captioned it as the "dream team."

Side note, but it looks like Christina is in Edeas now? I will resist from posting my hatred of Edeas haha, but that's certainly new.

Anyway please give us a music drop sometime. I'm super interested in what they'll be doing this season.
I'm really interested to see Christina this season - obviously Anthony has been off the ice for some of the off-season - but I wonder what more concentrated time with IAM and time on the ice by herself will show some improvement in technique. I know last season wasn't their best, but they moved full time in May and then competed in September so it really wasn't a lot of time.

I know nothing about skates except that Edeas look a bit bulky and not as elegant? But are they perhaps better on the ankle?

I think Latin could be good for them? They tend to do well with fun and bubbly material

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