Canadian team selections: Four Continents, Worlds, Junior Worlds

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The best thing for Maddie is competition from other Canadian ladies which she hasn't really had since she took over as the top Canadian woman few years ago and her skating has stagnated partly because of that. With her being beaten here at 4CC and in the FP at Nationals she now knows other Canadian ladies can beat her and that she can't keep regressing anymore. This will either make her better or she will find herself passed by in the next couple of years.

I think if she doesn't kick it into high gear and start improving Kaiya, at least, will overtake her next year at nationals.


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He wasn't perfect, but definitely skated like he was fighting for a Worlds spot. And with the superior SP, it should be a clear decision. Disappointed for Stephen, but IMO Conrad's definitely earned it.
Now that his jumps are much improved, Conrad needs to start working on the performance aspect. Of all the skaters from the final 2 flights (and one from an earlier flight), his PCS are the lowest.

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