2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships moved to Las Vegas; no audience


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Thank you @tony but I already went through the free trial to try and watch SA pairs which didn't work BTW: Peacock sent me in a loop to sign up instead of sending me directly to the programming.
Fairly certain you can just use a different email address and just get around it, or maybe your first attempt never went through. Whatever source you were trying on, use something else (ie if it was a phone, use a computer). I don't even know if there's a general free trial still, but there should be.


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Regarding the exchange above re NFL playoffs - The men's free in my area is being pre-empted on Sunday for the play-offs :(

I will follow-up but would they shift the men's free to NBCSN or am I SOL? I notice there is a silly motor-bike comp at that time on NBCSN. IDK if NBC switches programming. Where can I watch it?
The two playoff games on Sunday are on CBS and FOX so there shouldn’t be anything on NBC besides the skating.

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