2020/2021 Canadian Ice Dance: News and Updates


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Marjorie & Zach's macaw program costumes:

I haven't been all that interested in skating this season but this is the ONE program I am really interested to see in all its glory. I saw Zach do a run through on his own during that IAM live feed they did dressed in black practice clothes and it really piqued my interest.

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Is it a Caribbean-inspired program? Thinking “Yellow bird - high up in banana tree.” 🦜


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While the *********-19 ********* has made this skating season much more complicated, Team IDC wanted to continue its tradition of highlighting new teams. Jamie Fournier and Anthony Haddad are a new team that will represent Canada.

Anthony Haddad placed 7th in Novice at 2019 U.S. Nationals with Kelsey Schaub and they were among the 15 invited Novice teams that competed at the North American Cup in Lake Placid in late July/early August of 2019, placing 11th.

Found this French article about Fournier/Haddad that was published back in June 2020:
Translated excerpt:

Only 2 teams competed virtually in the Junior Dance event at Championnats A de la Section Québec. If Fournier/Haddad entered Challenge, the start orders are supposed be posted by Skate Canada the week of January 4, 2021. The Junior/Senior Dance events are scheduled to be streamed on January 16-17, 2021.
... any info on new junior team Marine Pouliot and Cameron Colucci ? They seem to have gone quiet.
Neither new team is listed in the Skate Canada Challenge Junior RD starting order/streaming time sheet for Saturday, January 16 (Senior RD starting order times are listed here too) as of Jan. 4: https://noticeboard.skatecanada.ca/.../Junior-and-Senior-Rhythm-Dance-Timesheet.pdf

ETA: Soucisse/Firus (2020 Nationals bronze) are not listed in the Senior RD time sheet. They were in this Dec. 11th photo:
ETA #2 - 2020 Novice champions and NextGen team members Sandrine Gauthier/Quentin Thieren are not listed in the Junior RD time sheet.
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I wonder when that was filmed? Today or weeks ago? Because if it was today I don’t know how they’re allowed to practice at the Cricket. All private clubs in Toronto are closed and we are in lockdown.


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I wonder when that was filmed? Today or weeks ago? Because if it was today I don’t know how they’re allowed to practice at the Cricket. All private clubs in Toronto are closed and we are in lockdown.
No, there is a list of skaters who are allowed to train under the elite athlete clause. However this was probably done right when Battle of Blades was taped as a Jordan was at Cricket then and it kind of looks like they used the moving camera.


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Best program ever 😍:


I'm so glad you uploaded this one - I'm going to share it with my co-workers who don't watch skating, but I think they're going to love it.

I hope they keep this program for next year; everyone needs to watch it. It would be such a shame if the only people who ever saw it were the few people who watched Challenge.


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Very impressed with the free dances of G&P and L&L yesterday, the Canuck Danes not so much I am still scaching my head on how they were able to beat L&L in the fd and i am not just talking about the 2 big mistakes it seems they got a gift protocol judging at its finest. That fd needs work I wasn`t impressed with their buble fd last year either I feel they are overrated they get a pass because of their asthetic and height.


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So very beautiful from Piper and Paul. I was on a conference call just as they skated and missed it and so thanks for posting it here. I feel like we have really gotten to know them as people these last few years and so everything they do seems even more special and authentic as it reflects the great people they are.

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