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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    Has Harry looked at those photos that Meghan was looking right at the camera and smiling happily before decided to issue that warning? After his statement that he was going to give Meghan the family she never had, I began to suspect that he is a simple-minded, easily manipulated person. His...
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    Political news from elsewhere

    You may not believe me but what you see from your media are not what's happening in HK, see the following clips for example:
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    The Little Trump thread

    I am not an American or a Trump supporter, I have to say this thread is petty and laughable. I hope to see this thread closed so that we do not have to see two Trump threads on one page.
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #8 - Oh Lover Hold On

    Congratulations to P&C! They are amazing.
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    Chinese Skating News, Pt. 3: A long & winding road to Beijing 2022

    Thanks binbinwinwin for the original and translated version of the article about Sui's surgery. If the Chinese Fed only cared about the Olympics, otherwise I don't think there were such discussions about which operation to take. I do have a question about Sui's hair. I don't know if this had...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    As far as I know, this warning was issued because China sentenced a drug trafficker to death. This person has several previous convicted drug related crimes in Canada and the Canadian judge at the time already warned him about the severity of this kind of crimes in other countries. He tried to...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    for being USA's lap dog?
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    Is there any link to watch P&C's SP? Thanks in advance.
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    Thank You Canada Tour - V/M, Chan, D/R, Osmond

    I hope Eric would not do it, I'd prefer he composes a new piece for other skaters.
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    Papadakis/Cizeron #7 - A Matter of Confidentiality

    The bold sentence is quite comical coming from you. Can you create another thread to air your conspiracy theories against the dirty Canadians so you and your fellow Canadian haters can carry on and leave this thread for those who just want to discuss and get information about GG's programmes?
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    Royalty Thread #7: Do They Get Frequent Flier Miles?

    Is that a competition?
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    Chinese Skating News, Pt. 3: A long & winding road to Beijing 2022

    I have not been following, can anyone explain to me what is the situation with Yan Han? Has he retired?
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    UPDATED: Jason Brown to Brian Orser (official)

    I like Jason a lot. I just wish he had made the coach change a few years ago.
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    Harry and Meghan wedding chat- the build up!

    From what I read, it is not forbidden to have the mother walk down the aisle with the bride, and Meghan seems to be very close to her mother, why didn't she ask her mother to walk the aisle with her? I don't understand why did she ask Prince Charles instead.
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    Stars on Ice Canada 2018

    Close up videos of the Toronto show, thanks to Bing Chan: SOI Toronto videos
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