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Yuzuru Hanyu Cheer Thread

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by galaxy, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu topped the 300-point mark in a dominating victory at the NHK Trophy on Saturday night at Makomanai Arena.

    “I’m actually very relieved that I can advance to the Grand Prix Final,” Hanyu stated. “I was able to land the (quad) loop cleanly for the first time in a competition.”
    “I did get advice from Brian,” Hanyu said. “He told me I should work on the total package. We had a difference in our view. I told him, ‘I can’t get the total package unless I can get the jumps.’ So after that we agreed to work together on the total package toward the NHK Trophy.”

    Hanyu said that confidence and preparation were important for him coming into this event.

    “I felt that I was mentally prepared,” commented Hanyu. “I had practiced really hard before coming here. Skating at home always helps as well.”
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    Yuzuru Hanyu’s comments at post-NHK Trophy 2016 Press Conference:

    Q: Looking back on the Grand Prix Series

    A: In both of my events, there were areas of growth and I also found many issues to work on. Maybe this is the same for every season, but I think I was able to find many issues to work on through this current GP series.

    Q: You set the Olympics as a goal, how is progress towards your target?

    A: Because within myself there are definitely no thoughts of “this is the limit”, I’m not thinking about whether the pace of progress is fast or slow. Right now I want to grow in areas where I can, maybe there will be areas that will progress faster and areas that will progress slower, but there is the solid sense of moving ahead step by step.

    Q: It only took three competitions for you to master your new programmes which had seemed like they would give you a hard time. What was the approach you took to training?

    A: When I first mastered the quad toeloop and quad salchow, I think there was a strong impression that it took practically the whole of two seasons to finally make them consistent in competition. With regard to the quad loop, unlike the other two quad jumps, as I got the quad loop on the foundation that had already been established by the other two quads, I think this is linked to it becoming consistent faster. Also as the difference in the speed of rotation and the impact of landing between different types of quad jumps is also lesser than that between the triple axel and a quad jump, perhaps this is also why it feels faster compared to when the quad toeloop and quad salchow were included.

    Q: You practiced a quad loop combination during the Gala practice

    A: As today is the first time I tried doing that, by doing it at practice gradually, if it can be considered (for inclusion in competition) going towards Pyeongchang I think it would be great.

    Q: What is the jump you see as a new challenge?

    A: At this event, though I think there were probably people at the official practice who were surprised by it, I’m practicing placing the quad toeloop or quad salchow as the final jump (in the FS). While it is definitely difficult to replace the final triple lutz with a quad in the run-through, by practicing it gradually, I think it would be great if it can be considered for the next season.

    Q: About consciousness regarding diet.

    A: I’m very careful regarding nutrition. I think the period from the NHK Trophy until the Japanese Nationals is a period which would be physically challenging. As I’ve qualified for the GPF with effort, for these three consecutive competitions I want to be in a healthy condition and be able to give my best.

    Q: Are there plans to include a fourth type of quad in your programmes?

    A: First of all after the injury to the lisfranc joint on my left foot, the jumps which caused the least stress to it were the loop and lutz. Although the lutz takes off on the left foot, unlike the flip it takes off on the outside edge and relative to the flip, more weight is placed on the heel. Therefore, precisely due to more weight being bore by the heel, as less burden is placed on the lisfranc joint I practiced it. Although I had landed a quad lutz by chance during practice at an ice show the season prior to the last season (2014-2015), after that I did not try it again due to concerns about injury. As of the off-season as I was able to practice it until I could land it with step outs, although this is not to say it will be included next season, but if it can tentatively be considered I think it would be great.

    Translation from http://nanoka12.tumblr.com/post/153727475926/yuzuru-hanyus-comments-at-post-nhk-trophy-2016
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    Translation of Yuzuru's talk with Akiko before the NHK gala:
    There is this part which is the most interesting:
    And his 4Lo3T in practice: https://twitter.com/percyperthy/status/803157173496737792
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    Sandra Bezic talks about Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/E5Fk2FrPifk?t=27m27s

    What she likes about him is he has a sense of theatre, a casualness. But there is a final one between casual and sloppy. On a bad day it can get sloppy but on a good day you just stand back and say "Oh, my goodness..." He is compelling. You can't take your eyes off him. The SP has room to grow. FP is high-risk. Since it is lyrical/music-driven it has to be clean. He is experimenting.
    This is the quad year. All the guys are mostly focused on getting the quads out there and next year they will go back to paying attention to more details.
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    This is my favorite Prince song, and I liked the concept of this program at the outset; that being said, it was hard to see it for what it really was when he was wiping up the ice in his first couple of performances. I'm really loving it now, and he looks like he's having such a blast and drawing the audience in. Hopefully, he is peaking at the right time this year and reclaims his title. Winnie the Pooh appears to have been giving him some sage advice.
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    Meoima Well-Known Member

    Yuzuru's practice FS today: https://youtu.be/R90mzOnduQs
    He did an emergency 4S at the end of the program :eek:
    Anyway, good luck Yuzuru for your free skate! I know you are not at your top form yet, and you do not need to. Just stay healthy and happy! :cheer2:
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    Wow I did not expect Yuzuru to win 4th GPF! Before this competition, I was so sure he would not make it. But he deserves to win thanks to the great SP he did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZB4i-QZPWI

    :cheer2:Congrats Yuzuru! A win is still a win! You did best in BOTH SP AND LP here.

    And look at how sweet he is towards Javi, he was cheering for Javi so hard: https://youtu.be/vY_ne2PMbsU

    Yuzuru's talk about his lucky charm with PJ: https://twitter.com/skatingpj/status/807695223216189440
    Yuzuru's English interview: https://youtu.be/JEI4_scD4jU
    He has tried his best to talk in English. :40beers:
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    I am glad that Yuzuru made flawed performances actually, he should not peak here. Of course I did not expect him to win, it's not his fault other men did even worse...
    To think that Yuzuru would have skipped the whole season due to injuries, he still came back and won his 4th GPF title, it is so amazing:
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    kittyjake5 Well-Known Member

    Congrats to Yuzu! Not his best LP but he did enough to win overall!

    LOL I think Med has a crush on Yuzu.
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    "All skaters are good in their own way and each of them has advantage/strength to be learned from them. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to be on competitions with such talented people, but Yuzuru Hanyu for me, really, is the standard of men's figure skating."
    - Evgenia Medvedeva (interview with Alexei Zubakov, quote translated by Marina Khevkh)

    Meanwhile, Yuzuru himself is not happy with his LP at GPF: “I’m so frustrated that I feel like I could swallow the entire universe. Like there was a big bang inside me and a new planet was created.” https://twitter.com/Iron_Klaus/status/808617202949595137
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    Yuzuru let Pooh kiss Zhenia then RAN away right after that: https://youtu.be/Ypd41Sj9zTc
    So cute :watch:
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    :) There's someone around to give excess Poohs to! :) Adoring Russian girls!
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    This is very cute.

    “Tatiana Anatolyevna, Thank you, Mom. Come to us in Japan! Yuzuru Hanyu.”

    From TAT’s official VK community.

    Вот каким фото и письмом решила поделиться с нами Татьяна Анатольевна.
    Мы уже писали о том, что Тарасова посоветовала Юдзуру музыку для одной из программ. И вот такую трогательную записку и букет получила в благодарность.

    Here are some photos and a letter Tatiana has decided to share with us.
    We already wrote that Tarasova advised Yuzuru on the music for one of his programs. And received such a touching note and a bouquet of gratitude.

    From http://peacocksonice.tumblr.com/post/154683055169/this-is-very-cute-tatiana-anatolyevna-thank
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    ^Thanks for sharing! So sweet!
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    Yuzuru Hanyu withdraws from Japanese Nationals due to influenza, says "I want to recover fully"
    The Japan Skating Federation announced on 21 December that Sochi Olympic gold medallist Yuzuru Hanyu has withdrawn from the Japanese Nationals which commence tomorrow due to influenza. Hanyu started showing symptoms of influenza on 15 December, which were followed by the development of pharyngitis. It has been diagnosed that about one more week of rest and medical treatment is necessary.

    Hanyu released the following comments through the Federation: “To everyone who is supporting me, people involved in skating, the sponsors, members of the media, and everyone who was looking forward to the All Japan Figure Skating Competition, I am very sorry to have caused concern and inconvenience. Right now I want to focus on recuperating, and recover fully.”

    Source: http://www.daily.co.jp/general/2016/12/21/0009770072.shtml

    Translation from nanoka12 Tumblr
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    ^ Aw, feel better, Yuzu!
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    Elle Japan conducted an interview about Yuzuru with British ESP's commentators (Simon Reed and Chris Howarth). Translated by poster gladiolusc on Golden Skate forum

    Caption: 2016 GPF EX. Elegant~

    Title: “Elegant and a very strong competitor"
    Q: What’s the best point about Yuzu?
    Simon: Hm. He’s really elegant, really strong. He’s also a great competitor, always looks like he’s enjoying the competition. Tries his best even under the stiffest circumstances.

    Caption: 2014 Sochi podium. Sleeves too long (cute)

    Title: “First skater to get 300+ score"
    Chris: Exactly as Simon says. It’s clear if you look at his past results, but he’s the first person to go for a quad loop in competition, and the first Japanese male skater to get the Olympic gold. And now he wins GPF for the 4th consecutive time. And he was the first skater to ever score 300+… All that really speaks to his character.


    Title: “No doubt the strongest skater right now"
    Chris: He’s no doubt the strongest skater right now. And, as Simon said, he performs and delivers under extreme pressure. It’s indescribable how much pressure it is to show up at the ice rink with so many spectators watching. Although even if there is no pressure, it’s still hard...


    Title: “That’s Yuzu!"
    Chris: He made a great landing with the quad loop at GPF. Although he almost seemed like his nose was going to touch the ground, he somehow managed to hold his body back up to survive the landing. That’s Yuzuru for you! It’s always so exciting / nerve-wrecking (in a good way, adrenaline-y?) to watch his performance. He has such charisma in him, it’s always a pleasure.

    Title: “Dignified even after a fail"
    Q: What’s a skill that only Yuzu has?
    Simon: Nobody beats his elegance on the ice. He is dignified and stately. But he also isn’t perfect, as you can also see from this year’s GP. Then again, even when he fails, it’s as if nothing happened. Even after he fails, he continues in a majestic manner. You can really feel his confidence.

    Title: It’s like magic!
    Chris: Yes. There’s no one else that has all his qualities. The ability to draw spectators in, his exquisite technical ability, and as Simon said, that elegance. Of course, he doesn’t always display all these qualities at the same time. But when he does, it’s like magic!

    Title: Yuzu pushes the technical limits
    Chris: And, I just have to say this. Yuzu challenges himself to his technical limits and pulls the other skaters along. We might be seeing more failures from skaters hereon in the coming years, but that’s because they are now challenging harder jumps than ever. And that’s because Yuzu is always challenging himself. That’s awesome!

    Title: Prince Program. Love that!
    Q: What’s your favorite program by Yuzu?
    Simon: Hmmmm, I can’t decide on one, I have two. One’s the Prince Program that Jeff Buttle choreographed for his SP this year. Loved that.

    Simon (cont): But, to me, I really felt his charisma during 2014 CoC. He collided with Yan Han and was really injured.

    Simon (cont): Despite falling five times, he won the silver medal. It’s a wonder that he didn’t stop mid-performance. He could seem so weak then, but really he was tremendously resilient. Such a fantastic combination!

    Title: He challenges his weaknesses every single year
    Chris: It’s a hard question for me… Well, I also enjoyed the SP (it was a great program) this year immensely. Yuzu keeps challenging his weaknesses every single year, and that’s what’s so great about him. This year’s program was particularly challenging for him, so it left a great impression on me.

    Title: Delicate but strong
    Q: Beside his technical skills, what do you like about Yuzu?
    Simon: Although he’s delicate, he’s a really strong figure skater. The combination.

    Title: The fact that he still went to Canada (to train with Brian) after having been through so much is great
    Simon: His resilience, which he showed in the CoC incident. But also, after the 2011 earthquake, when he was unable to practice in Sendai and went to Yokohoma until the rink in Sendai reopened. The amazing courage that took him to Canada. (Of course Brian Orser is a great coach) But he really completely changed his life.

    Title: Yuzu is a success case
    Simon: Well many skaters go abroad, but amongst them, Yuzu is a great example. It was a necessary step at the time for him to advance to the next level, and he made it.

    Caption: Russian fairy Evgenia full of smiles in front of Yuzu. She gave Yuzu a (Elle says electric facial ) tumbler for his birthday.
    Title: Yuzu is really popular with the girls
    Simon: Although Yuzu says he doesn’t have a lot of Japanese friends, his friends say he’s the most popular among Japanese girls. Kei Nishiki the tennis player might be more popular amongst boys, but amongst the girls… (of course there are male fans too) he’s by far the most popular (laughs).

    Title: Yuzu might be even more popular than Beckham at the time
    Simon: I think David Beckham was pretty popular in Japan. He was the most popular athlete in the past 20 years. But, as far as I know, Yuzu seems to be more popular than Beckham back then.

    Title: While facing staggering pressure
    Simon: While he faces staggering pressure, he skates as if he doesn’t feel that at all. Of course, his looks probably contribute to the popularity. Well, you can ask the girls (laughs).

    Title: Amazing charisma
    Chris: I think Yuzu has great charisma. He just catches my attention every single time he gets on the ice. I can’t look away. It’s like “I can see exciting things coming up!” I think that’s his magical charm.

    Title: He always overcomes pressure
    Chris: Simon was also saying, but it’s amazing the amount of pressure he faces, with so many fans watching. And he always overcomes and shows us.

    Title: Of course, he’s handsome too
    Chris: There are no other players with such amazing qualities. And of course, he’s a looker! (laughs)
    Click on each picture to see each their comments. http://www.elle.co.jp/culture/interview/eurosports_Simon_Reed_Chris_Howarth161223
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    Yuzuru has been selected to 4CC and WC. Congrats Yuzuru! I hope will do your best in both of these competitions!