Tamara Moskvina's 80th anniversary: interviews, articles, documentary


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Tamara Moskvina celebrates her 80th birthday today, on June 26th

She has been recently awarded the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" II class

'Tamara Moskvina's Ice Fantasy' ice show is scheduled for September, 26th to be held in St Petersburg with participation of most of her star skaters and invited guests

Tamara Moskvina for R-sport

Tamara Moskvina for Match TV

Channel 1 documentary - 'Equal to gold'

Alexei Mishin about Tamara Moskvina:
  • The power of a first impression sometimes lasts a lifetime. Do you remember what Tamara Moskvina was like when you met?
  • When I first saw Tamara, I was still evaluating subjects of the opposite sex without the true instinct of a man, so I perceived her as a skater - fast, dexterous. As a champion in her class. Stubborn for sure. She showed examples of perseverance and perseverance in such actions that seemed strange: last night the competition ended, and the next morning she is already practicing. It seems a little strange even now, but then it was generally non-standard.

  • Has personal persistence influenced her coaching career?
  • Not only perseverance, but also punctuality, organization skills. These are the features. Not an inspiration of some genius, but a thoughtful scrupulous work. Purposefulness, organization are the roots of her outstanding success.

  • What can you say about Moskvina's sense of humor?
  • Generally speaking, this feeling is not very close to Tamara. But she shows a sense of humor when she wants to complement her portrait, to make it more multifaceted. You know, she's so businesslike, what a sense of humor! (Laughs.) But when necessary, she can show this side of her personality.

  • Remember the moment when you saw her especially happy?
  • She is a person so organized that all her happy moments, joyful events are somehow planned and do not come out by themselves. That is, they do not happen unexpectedly, so some kind of spontaneous emotional fire of joy - I would not say that this is characteristic of Tamara.

-What would you like to say and wish Tamara Nikolaevna on her birthday?
-Each person in his life meets a huge number of people. But among them there are those, who leave a big mark in his lives. I include Tamara Nikolaevna Moskvina among such people. Together we skated in single skating, then pair skating, then we went to graduate school together, taught together, and train together. I would tell her: “Tamara, don't change. Let the next stage of your life be interesting, bright, rich, talented - just the way you are. I wish you great human happiness. Yours, Alexey Mishin."

Interview with Aleksandra Boikova
  • Each writer has artistic and technical techniques that form his unique style. How would you describe Tamara Moskvina's coaching style? What defines it?
  • If we talk about the coaching style, then this, of course, is work without insults, intelligent work. And it is reflected in students, in our behavior, in programs. In principle, this can be seen everywhere - when a couple comes out on the ice, it is immediately clear that Tamara Nikolaevna worked with this couple. Even when the team goes on the ice, you can recognize a Moskvina's team. Most likely, this is due to the efforts of Tamara Nikolaevna, her manner of behaving and presenting herself correctly.

  • Are there any qualities by which you can recognize Moskvina's athletes? Something that is unique to her students. Except for the bearing you have already named.
  • Purity. The programs look like one whole. A couple - two people who skate together - do not look like two separate people, but like a person and his shadow. That is, everything will be perfect.
She also pays great attention to the development of stress resistance in her students. I can say that over the five years of working with her, I have become less susceptible to distractions, less nervous at competitions. This is reflected in a plus on ordinary life - for example, on exams I am calm, while my classmates and classmates are very worried.

  • Tamara Nikolaevna gives you advice on what to read / listen to / what performance to watch? How important is the cultural and aesthetic development of students for her in general?
  • She does not give advice on what to read, but for my 18th birthday Tamara Nikolaevna gave me three books on ethics, etiquette and the art of communication.
She usually advises to watch some programs of skaters of the past - her students or simply very high-quality programs of Americans, Canadians and others. That is, the programs of people who wrote the history of figure skating. It turns out that she gives rather practical advice, not general cultural, - everything that can be useful to us in sports and work on programs. At the same time, she always knows what her students are doing. She knows, for example, that I am studying to be a journalist, and she helps me develop in this too. Last year I attended a festival dedicated to Brodsky, and was incredibly grateful to Tamara Nikolaevna for the invitation to this festival. Because, to be honest, without her I would not have known about him.

  • Do you remember your thoughts when you first came to her training?
  • It's hard to remember the first impression, because it was quite a long time ago. I first met Tamara Nikolaevna long before I turned to pairs skating. That was when I was training with Igor Borisovich - I was 8-9 years old, that is, almost 10 years ago.
The only thing I remember well is her first advice: when a team is skating, always skate inside the circle, do not bother them. I still follow this rule (laughs).

  • What wise thought from Moskvina do you most often repeat to yourself?
  • Tamara Nikolaevna often says that you need to take care of your nerves, because I have a long happy life ahead of me, and strong nerves - something that will always be useful to me. I try to remind myself of this more often. Situations are different, but this thought helps to calm down and understand that what is happening now may not be the main thing. I mean not only sports, but everything in general.

-Is there something about Tamara Nikolaevna that surprises and inspires you?
-Crazy energy. I don't know what needs to be done to be such an energetic and cheerful person at her age. She has time for everything in general, and not just randomly, but has time to do everything with high quality, with knowledge of the matter. It is very cool. And, of course, her ability to keep herself. I can't imagine what kind of patience you need to have, what other qualities, but whatever happens around - Tamara Nikolaevna is always perfect.

  • Being an athlete Moskvina means ...
  • Probably, this is not the best answer to the question, but I think being a Moskvina's athlete means being the best.

Interview with Arthur Minchuk


Channel 1 documentary - 'Equal to gold'
Not geo-blocked! :cheer:
The 50-minute documentary on birthday girl Tamara Moskvina airs today on Russian-language Channel One @ 12:25pm eastern US time. Titled Tamara Moskvina: Na Ves Zolota (Equal to Gold...Good as Gold). The TV ads feature TM on a scooter, among other surprises!
Available on youtube now: https://youtu.be/KxReZiqGIYM
Really well done.
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IFS article by @Eislauffan (Sept. 5, 2021) that was originally published in the IFS August 2021 issue:
Excerpt from the end:
Even though she is now approaching the 60-year mark in her figure skating career, Moskvina said she still feels a love and passion for the sport and has never tired of it. However, she does plan to change direction following the 2021-2022 Olympic season, which will signal an end to her long and successful career.
At the end of this cycle, she does not plan to continue coaching full-time or take responsibility for any more pairs teams. “First of all, I would like to keep my health — not only physically, but also my emotional state. After the 2022 Olympic year, I would like to engage in different activities — maybe do some consulting work with athletes, maybe write a book, or get involved in doing work for society. There are many options, but right now my main goal is to prepare my athletes in good spirits for the most important competition of their lives.”
Moskvina attributes her personal happiness throughout her life and career to having had so many different experiences. “Happiness for me is life because in life you feel different emotions, engage in different activities, meet different people that you interact with, travel and achieve things.
“All this has given me the possibility to navigate through the labyrinth of life successfully, and always find a happy ending. When I am going through this labyrinth and meet a dead end, I do not cry and start to suffer. I calmly try to get around it and continue on my path in good spirits.”

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