Separated at birth?


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Dr. Sandra Lee, "Dr. Pimple Popper" and Tia Carrere, from TVs "Relic Hunter"

OMG thank you!!! It was driving me crazy trying to think of who she reminded me of! I got sucked into a marathon of repeats over the weekend. Couldn't watch the screen on some of it, but OMG that man that had that softball sized lump above his knee .... what the fecking hell was that crap that came spilling outta his freaking body!! That was just about the grossest thing I've ever seen. :yikes:

Peaches LaTour

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Noooo! I love Scott Bakula, donā€™t make him play that sleaze ball. šŸ˜„

He used to live near me. I took my cousin's small children to the local roller skating rink & I decided to sit out a few songs half way through the session so I sat down next to this guy & watched the kids skate for about 20 minutes, then one of his kids dragged him onto the rink. Right after that, one of my cousin's kids came rushing over to me & said, Scott Bakula is here! She was very excited so I told her to show me where he was. Turns out he was the guy I had been sitting next to all that time & didn't recognize. Suddenly, all the kids seemed to recognize him at once & at the end of the session he stayed & signed autographs for everybody.

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