Provisional allotments for ISU Championships 2022, 2023 & 2024; future bids discussion


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I'm so bummed for the Australian federation and fans and hope they'll be able to make it work with another ISU comp. There are more and more great skaters coming from there and they deserve a chance to compete for a home crowd.
This is entirely speculative, of course.

But we were thinking with the location and the timing of the event next February, that certain skaters who may have stuck around for one more year after the Olympic season to perform in front of a home crowd, will probably retire (if they haven't already done so) sooner than planned.

Anyway, if ISA does plan to campaign for the event again in the future, here's hoping they're given more of a lead and not faced with the same adverse conditions which hobbled their bid this time around.
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I’ve already made my hotel reservation in Colorado Springs for 4CC. I’ve played golf in Colorado in February so the weather could be just fine.

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