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If you get the chance, please pass along the message that not all of us consider her reputation tarnished, and that there are plenty of people who miss seeing her skate. She owes us nothing at all, but it might be nice for her to know that? :)
I will! We talk 2 or 3 times a week and we see each others often. She'll indeed be happy!


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
I just came across this article on the issue of hypersensitive drug testing and the punishments imposed for even unintentional ingestion of tiny amounts of banned substances on the ABC website, and it made me think of Laurine's case. :( I didn't know back when the reports of her situation came out the drug tests used in sport are genuinely sensitive enough to pick up traces of banned substances so minute that they actually plausibly could be the result of one contaminated batch of supplement, or a kiss, or - I don't know - picking up something somebody had previously touched in the supermarket, for crying out loud! And yet athletes are still held fully responsible for those minute traces getting into their systems, on account of some of them might possibly have been 'microdosing' in the past in an attempt to avoid getting caught. Sheesh. You'd have to live in a complete bubble without ever touching anything or anyone again to keep yourself safe from that possibility!

It really does drive home the extent to which the sports anti-doping system is adversarial and presumes all athletes to be intentional wrongdoers out to cheat the system except in the few seconds following their most recent tests returning negative results.

But anyway, rant aside, the article made me wonder whether the French anti-doping agency ever did get its act together and move forward with Laurine's case, or whether it got abandoned because she retired.
Thank you for posting this but unfortunately your link doesn't work. As you can guess, I'm very interested in reading this 😉 so maybe you could help me find the article elsewhere? EDIT : OK I found it!
Thanks for finding/sharing, @Orm Irian - this article link works for me:

@cholla, I’m SO sorry to hear what Laurine has gone & is still going through. :( I’d like to send her my very best wishes as well.


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
Maé-Bérénice Méité chatted live on the Cafecito con Masha YT channel 2 days ago (Mae talked about her Achilles tendon rupture injury at Worlds, her subsequent surgery, cast removal & approx. 4-month rehab. off ice, starting at this point):

Evgeniia Lopareva & Geoffrey Brissaud announced last month that they are preparing new programs with Team Zhulin in Moscow (3 recent IG posts from their joint account): & &
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Thanks for finding/sharing, @Orm Irian - this article link works for me:
Thanks for posting this, Sylvia, I lost track of the various places I'd posted and have only just come back to this thread. I hope it's provided useful information, cholla! And yes, my best wishes to Laurine as well.


My best wishes to Laurine as well! I am so sad for what she has been put through. I have always been her fan and will remain so.


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ISU Feature on Kevin Aymoz: "Riding the emotional elevator"


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
@Wyliefan posted in 2 other threads that Lauriault/Le Gac announced today that they are switching to represent Canada ("Our home, our studies, our professional careers and our future is now in Canada..."):

Copying over these 2 relevant posts from the Canadian Ice Dance news thread:
... I read their IG post and it makes more sense. They aren't going to get to the Olympics for France because of the situation I mentioned directly above, and their lives and future careers seem to be based in Canada, so if they aren't going to the Olympics, they might as well skate for the country where they are planning to base their lives. Of course, they would likely have easily earned berths to Worlds in future years if they stayed in France, whereas that's very unlikely to happen in Canada.
French judges clearly preferred 2 other couples the past 2 seasons. There are also promising couples from Villard moving to seniors this season. Pechalat is releasing a lot of skaters. What a change!


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
FFSG's provisional figure skating calendar for 2021-22:

ISU Grand Prix Junior 18-21/08/2021 Courchevel [Patinage Artistique et Danse sur Glace]

Masters 1-3/10/2021 Epinal [Patinage Artistique, Danse sur Glace et Patinage Artistique Synchronisé]

Trophée Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur 20-24/10/2021 Nice [Patinage Artistique, Danse sur Glace]

ISU Grand Prix 19-21/11/2021 Grenoble [Patinage Artistique et Danse sur Glace]

Championnat de France Elite 16-19/12/2021 Cergy Pontoise [Patinage Artistique, Danse sur Glace, Patinage Artistique Synchronisé, Ballet sur Glace, Short-Track, Curling et démonstration de Bobsleigh]


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
FFSG's provisional figure skating calendar for 2021-22:

ISU Grand Prix Junior 18-21/08/2021 Courchevel [Patinage Artistique et Danse sur Glace]
France has offered to host the second JGP in Courchevel (Aug. 25-28) after the first one:
Fingers crossed that both events will/can take place as planned!

Olivier Brajon's black-and-white photos of 3 dance couples in Courchevel (Lopareva/Brissaud, Galyavieva/Thauron, Wagret/Souquet):

Short Q&A with Bruno Massot:
Excerpt from the end:
We made the decision, with my trainer Jean-François Ballester, to both work as coaches in Switzerland. It lasted six months, before he died. In the end, I stayed there for two and a half years, but my project for a couples and individual training center never saw the light of day. I then proposed it to Ludovic Le Guennec, President of ACSEL, who accepted. We embarked on the adventure in early May 2021.
The high-level sports training center in Caen is doing well. The two couples that I formed in Switzerland followed me, there are new couples that are formed and some individuals. Do not hesitate to come and join us!
I am delighted to be back in France. It was very emotional to come back here, I remember the hours spent on the ice with Jean-François Ballester. I try to continue on his way.
ISU Feature on Guillaume Cizeron for Pride Month - “Even if it helped just one person, it would still be worth it” (article includes links to Cizeron's appearances on both the ISU's #UpAgain show and The Ice Skating Podcast):

Kevin Aymoz spoke to France Bleu Isère after his coming out: "I was afraid of a wave of hate, but the feedback is 100% positive" (June 25):
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U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
FFSG's June 29th press release on the French skaters' GP assignments:

Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron - Cup of China [#3] & IdF [#5]
Kévin Aymoz - Skate America [#1] & IdF
Adelina Galyavieva/Louis Thauron - IdF & Rostelecom Cup [#6]
Adam Siao Him Fa - Skate America & IdF

Evgeniia Lopareva/Geoffrey Brissaud - Cup of China
Cléo Hamon/Denys Strekalin - IdF
Maé-Bérénice Méité - IdF
Maïa Mazzara - IdF
Léa Serna - IdF
TBA - man/pair/dance team at IdF

"Trois quotas - au total - pour le Grand Prix de France restent encore à attribuer chez les couples, les messieurs et en danse sur glace avant le 15 septembre" [TBA spots to be named before Sept. 15].


On July 1 Maé-Bérénice Méité announced the launch of her new venture - The Motivation & Boost Academy:

The text of her announcement post in English is copied out below:
July 1st, a new adventure is starting ✨

Over the past few days, weeks, months, I’ve had (A LOT !) of time on my hands.
So I have been thinking of ways I could give back to people, companies, institutions that are believing in me and my project and giving me the support that I need.

Having graduated not so long ago, I had the desire to use my life, athletic and academic experience to help people.That is why, I am thrilled and excited to announce the official launching of @the.mbacademy , a place where we dare you to dream CRAZY.

The M&B Academy will offer consulting in management, marketing and consulting specifically catered to figure skating. It’s a work in progress, and the announcement is the first stone to a very important chapter, in which I hope I’ll be able to LEAD, EMPOWER & INSPIRE all generations of athletes and people.

Very soon, you’ll discover the full universe of the Motivation & Boost Academy, with amazing things coming up🤩 In the meantime, you can start showing some love to the IG page.

(PS: A digital planner might be on the way, who knows 😋)


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
The Villard de Lans patinage club's Instagram account posts frequent ice dance updates:

Their May 15th post is a group photo of their 6 teams (top 6 at French Junior Nationals in early February) heading into 2021-22:
Marie DUPAYAGE, 20 / Thomas NABAIS, 21 - yesterday's clip of a new dance spin:
Loïcia DEMOUGEOT, 19 / Théo LE MERCIER, 21
Lou TERREAUX, 19 / Noé PERRON, 20 - May 5th clip of them skating to a version of Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King":
Célina FRADJI, 15 / Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX, 17
Eva BERNARD, 16 / Tom JOCHUM, 17

Benoit Richaud worked with the Villard de Lans group at FFSG's dance camp in Courchevel in early June and choreographed programs for:
Demougeot/Le Mercier (music by Angelique Kidjo/Bolero clip):
Dupayage/Nabais (Woodkid clip):
Terreaux/Perron (music by Ladom Ensemble):

Karine Arribert and her fellow coaches' profiles on VdL's website:


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
Masters : du 30 septembre au 2 octobre 2021 à Epinal


Maïa MAZARRA Grenoble Iserere Metropole Patinage
Léa SERNA Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Mae Berenice MEITE Vitry Skating Club 🤞
Julie FROETSCHER Association Nice Baies des anges
Adriana CAGNON Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Sophia MAAROUF Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Océane GLESSER Cergy Pontoise CSG

Kévin AYMOZ Grenoble Iserere Metropole Patinage
Adam SIAO HIM FA Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Romain PONSART Charleville Mezieres SG
Adrien TESSON Champigny CSG
LUC ECONOMIDES Alpes d'Huez Patinage Club
Landry LE MAY Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Xavier VAUCLIN Association Nice Baies des Anges
Samy HAMMI Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Xan ROLS Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Joshua ROLS Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Yann FRECHON Paris Club Français Volants

Cléo HAMON et Denys STREKALIN Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Coline KERIVEN et Noël-Antoine PIERRE Paris Club Français Volants
Camille KOVALEV et Pavel KOVALEV Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Océane PIEGAD et Rémi BELMONTE Paris Club Français Volants

Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON Auvergne danse sur glace
Adelina GALYAVIEVA / Louis THAURON Paris Club Français Volants
Evgeniia LOPAREVA / Geoffrey BRISSAUD Lyon Glace Patinage
Julia WAGRET / Pierre SOUQUET-BASIEGE Courchevel patinage sports de glace / Rouen Olympic Club
Natacha LAGOUGE / Arnaud CAFFA Lyon CSG / Vitry Skating Club
Loicia DEMOUGEOT / Théo LE MERCIER Villard de Lans / Belfort ASM
Marie DUPAYAGE / Thomas NABAIS Villard de Lans / Vitry Skating Club
Lou TERREAUX / Noé PERRON Villard de Lans / Belfort ASM


Lola GHOZALI Club Artistique du Club de Reims
Lorine SCHILD Club Artistique du Club de Reims
Sophie SPRUNG Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Eve DUBECQ Club Artistique du Club de Reims
Clémence MAYINDU Dammarie CSG
Faustine AMAT Anglet Sports de Glace
Zoe RIMET Grenoble Iserere Metropole Patinage
Marie Lou DOROZARIO Dammarie CSG
Jeanne LOEZ Club France
Anaelle CLERMIDY Grenoble Iserere Metropole Patinage
Alexandra SERET Alpes d'Huez Patinage Club

François PITOT Alpes d'Huez Patinage Club - won bronze at JGP #1 in Courchevel:
Ian VAUCLIN Association Nice Baies des Anges
Axel AHMED Club Olympique de Courbevoie
Jean MEDARD Brian Joubert Poitiers Club
Théo BARADEL Cergy Pontoise CSG
Martin PERI Club de Patinage de Colmar
Alexandre CHENEY Club Artistique du Club de Reims
Corentin SPINAR Annecy Sports Glace

Louise EHRHARD et Matthis PELLEGRIS Champigny CSG

Célina FRADJI / Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX Villard de Lans
Eva BERNARD / Tom JOCHUM Villard de Lans
Louis BORDET / Thomas GIPOULOU Villard de Lans / Brive Patinage Club
Lila-Maya SECLET-MONCHOT / Matin CHARDAIN Lyon Glace Patinage
Lucie LAURIA / Antonin EMO Belfort ASM
Lou KOCH / Ivan MELNYK Villard de Lans
Ninon TERREAUX / Alexey TAMEEV Villard de Lans
Maya BENKIEWICZ / Nicolas HENAULT Villard de Lans

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So, it looks like Cleo Hamon is taking a break from skating for the moment...

This explains why H/S were replaced by K/P for Nebelhorn. All the best wishes for her health and well-being. They might not be competitive with the best teams in the world but they certainly are void in the best possible French way!

That's very sad. I've had a special place in my heart for Cleo since her JGP days playing a kickass Katniss Everdeen in their Hunger Games FS. I really hope she's going to be okay.

Just too many skaters I care about suffering or retiring young with unfulfilled goals because of injury or stress. It sucks. This is why I'm barely even paying attention to skating right now.


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Oh, I’m sorry to hear this. Cléo is fab and H/S have the it factor for me. I hope we see them back; wishing her the best whichever path she takes from here.


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Awww I understand if she needs a break, but I hope she does come back to skating! I loved their Fifth Element program last season…


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The quality of the filming has been poor, as far as I remember, but I am still looking forward to it! I hope they show everyone but Gabi and Guillaume will be at Finlandia about a week later, so I guess that I can wait a bit longer, if I have to ...

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The quality of the filming has been poor, as far as I remember, but I am still looking forward to it! I hope they show everyone but Gabi and Guillaume will be at Finlandia about a week later, so I guess that I can wait a bit longer, if I have to ...
Look on the bright side-
If no livestream of French Masters, then I have only one live competition next week/weekend: JGP Gdańsk! Woohoo!
Can wait one more week for Finlandia to see P/C.


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