Kate Wang on "Level Up with Stephen Curry" Snapchat series!


Creating a thread from @ice coverage's original post in the U.S. Women's news thread in GSD (for those who may not visit that thread and because this is a very :cool: thing for Kate!):
OMG ... Kate Wang is part of Steph Curry's new Snapchat original series, "Level Up with Stephen Curry."

So far, Kate is seen in the trailer.
And on Snapchat's YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/shorts/ABs60Ui0pvw
Kate's individual episode is yet to come.

"Stephen Curry, NBA superstar, mentors and empowers up-and-coming athletes to raise their game—both on and off the court—in ways they never thought possible."
"Watch Stephen Curry become Coach Curry"

A glimpse of Kate also is seen on a huge wraparound electronic billboard promoting the series, as seen in today's tweet from Steph:
(Maybe it is this billboard in LA? https://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/news/sna-displays-brings-wrap-around-led-wall-to-downtown-la/ :unsure:)

Congratulations, Kate! 💪
Kate Wang's episode (#4) is out now :) and can be watched here:

Kate's post today (includes 3 photos & 2 clips): https://www.instagram.com/p/CgE5viCLoeD/
Still can’t believe I got to sit down and talk to the legend himself @stephencurry30 🐐‼️Truly an incredible experience being part of his new show “Level Up”. Shoutout to @arowanafilms and the rest of the team for making filming a blast. Go check out all the episodes on Snapchat! 🆙
Thank you to all my friends, coaches, family, and supporters who have helped me get to where I am today 🙏

Snapchat's YouTube channel has the first 2 episodes, so Kate's may appear there later on.
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