Jeffrey Buttle's Ararat free skate


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It's really nice to see Jeffrey Buttle get recognized. He's overlooked and underrated. No, he wasn't the dominant skater of his time like Elvis or Patrick but that doesn't make him less woryhy. I loved his beautiful skating. I was thrilled when he won Worlds, and now he's an amazing choreographer.

I would have really loved to see him at the exhibition at Montreal Worlds.

The only win to make me as happy at the time was Shen and Zhao in 2003. It took the right circumstances but was beyond thrilled he delivered.


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Thank you for posting this. It's interesting to compare the changes that he made to the program (and his costume) for Worlds.

Red insets made the costume look much more authentic than turquoise ones.

@Hindernisse - Jeff's program was how I actually learned of the Armenian genocide.

Thanks for letting me know. This is so great to hear.

My recollection is that Jeff saw the film on Canadian TV, was attracted to the music and brought the idea to David Wilson. I believe he consulted with an Armenian expert on the steps sequence and the costume, so a great deal of research was applied. I don't think Raf was instrumental in choosing the music. Jeff said several times, however, that the selection was especially fitting, because Raf was one of his coaches.

Thank you so much for this information!


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Jeff often struggled in competition, but I remember a backstage interview after the SP at this worlds where he flat out said he was going to win (the whole competition), which was an unusual show of confidence for him. Something about that Worlds - he was just 'ON!'
I loved that performance of his. Though with all the quad talk, I always found it amusing that he won on the technical score, while Joubert for some reason had the higher PCS.

And Jeff was no stranger to 'unusual' music. His other most successful free program was to Naqoyqatsi, after all...


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His 2007 Nationals FS was my favourite performance of Ararat, though I love the Worlds performance too. I remember commentators saying (Tracy Wilson?) that the music doesn't "zing", but Buttle makes it work. Well, something along those words. I didn't know the story behind Ararat either and am surprised I never learnt this in school (in the Netherlands).

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