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October 26, 2021 press release re. the Professionals for 2022:
There are three brand-new additions to the 2022 line-up as world class competitive figure skaters Morgan Swales, Tippy Packard and [former Team USA pair skater] Colin Grafton join the line-up.
Matt Evers, a part of Dancing On Ice since it launched on ITV in 2006, returns to the show alongside fellow series favourites Alexandra Shauman and husband Łukasz Różycki, Andy Buchanan and wife Robin Johnstone, Mark Hanretty, Brendyn Hatfield, Vanessa Bauer, Karina Manta, Joe Johnson and reigning champion pro Angela Egan.
All of the celebrity and professional skating partnerships will be confirmed shortly. The celebrity competitors taking part in the new series are Coronation Street legend Sally Dynevor, Happy Mondays dancer Bez, Paralympian Stef Reid, Love Island’s Liberty Poole, rugby star Ben Foden, Popstar and actress Kimberly Wyatt, Paul Gascoigne’s son, dancer Regan Gascoigne, pop star Rachel Stevens, professional dancer Brendan Cole, presenter Ria Hebden, BMX Olympic silver medalist Kye Whyte and The Vamps' Connor Ball.

Wikipedia article (will continue to be updated; January 2022 premiere date not yet known):

Karina Manta today revealed her celebrity partner, Regan Gascoigne, with some on ice photos:

Joe Johnson's partner is Liberty Poolex:

ETA that Mark Hanretty's partner is Kimberly Wyatt:
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I’m :rolleyes: that they have dumped Hamish Gaman, IMO he was one of the best pros they had.

I’ll probably still watch to see Mark Hanretty.

ETA: I liked Karina and Joe last year too :)


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Last year was the first year that i didn't make it through the series and sadly I think i am finally done with the show.

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I have heard of only two of those people (the celebrities, I mean). :lol:

May have to find some YouTube clips as I'm curious to see how Brendan Cole does, but it's a very long time since I was able to sit through a whole show.

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That's a bit nauseating! (ETA: The drone footage, not T&D's skating, of course)

I remember T&D skating to that track as part of a Beatles group number in their 1995 'Farewell' Tour - my first live skating experience.

I watched a few of the pro/celebrity numbers on youtube and Karina Manta's partner is surprisingly good. No idea who he is though...

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