2022 PSA Best Performance & 'EDI' Award winners, Coaches Hall of Fame


Press release (May 25, 2022):
The Professional Skaters Association will recognize the PSA Coaches Hall of Fame Class of 2022 during the Edi Awards dinner on May 26, 2022, in Chicago. The Figure Skating Coaches Hall of Fame is the highest award of recognition by the PSA and recognizes a lifetime of accomplishment in coaching.
The PSA inducted five members into the Hall of Fame this year: Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon, Otto Gold, Homer Hagedorn and Mitch Moyer.
I've previously posted the PSA's "Best Performance at 2022 U.S. Nationals" awards (announced last month) in other threads:


Best Performance Men
Ilia Malinin – Championship Mens Free Skate Program
PSA Coaches – Tatyana Malinina, Roman Skorniakov, Rafael Arutyunyan
Choreographer – Irina Romanova
Music Selection – "Nobody Knows" by Autograf and “Gold Age” by Woodkid
Costume Design – Victoria Nekrilova from Marusia design studio

Best Performance Ladies
Mariah Bell – Championship Ladies Free Skate Program
PSA Coaches – Rafael Arutyunyan, Adam Rippon, Vera Arutyunyan
Choreographer – Shae-Lynn Bourne
Music Selection – "Hallelujah" by k.d. lang
Costume Designer – Jan Longmire
Note: Mariah was given her Best Performance award before the SOI show in St. Paul MN (along with the Sonja Henie award; Nathan received his Gustave Lussi award at the same time - SOI shared their photo on social media: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdm7070Ondo/ & https://twitter.com/starsonice/status/1526075093046239232

Best Performance Pairs
Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDuc — Championship Pairs Free Skate Program
PSA Coaches – Peter Cain, Darlene Cain, Nina Mozer
Choreographer – Pasquale Camerlengo
Music Selection – "Dance For Me Wallace" and "Charms" from the W.E. soundtrack
Costume Design – Denise Freye, Darlene Cain
Note: Ashley picked up their Best Performance award at USFS' Governing Council meeting in Colorado Springs last month: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc_DEu1LJcA/

Best Performance Ice Dance
Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue — Championship Dance Free Dance Program
PSA Coaches – Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, Pascal Denis, Romain Haguenaur, Josée Piché, Benjamin Brisebois
Choreographers – Marie-France Dubreuil, Scott Moir
Music Selection – "Drowning" by Anne Sila
Costume Designer – Josiane Lamond for Madison; Susan Hubbell for Zachary
Note: I believe H/D received their Best Performance award in person at the PSA Conference in Chicago earlier this week.

The EDI Awards page has been updated with all the 2022 winners:


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Cross-posting from U.S. Men thread:

Among the Professional Skaters Association awards announced last night (per updated PSA webpages):

- 2022 Coach of the Year:
Rafael Arutyunyan, Vera Arutyunyan, Nadia Kanaeva​

- 2022 Developmental Coach of the Year:
Tatyana Malinina & Roman Skornyakov​

- Maxim Naumov is a recipient of 2022 Presidents Excellence Award
One award is given for each of the nine USFS regions.
One of the winners is: "Athlete Centered Coaching Team- Garrett Lucash, Sean Marshinski, Anne Goldberg-Baldwin, Maxim Naumov"
I take it that Maxim has been involved in coaching at the same time that he continues his own competitive career?
(Not saying that it would be unusual -- I just was not in the loop that Maxim has been an example of doing both. Good for him. :))​

Some of the other notable (IMO) news:

- Betty Berens Award
Established in memory of Betty Berens who gave unselfishly of her time and talent both on the ice and off. It is presented to a coach who has overcome adversity-physical or emotional-who has continued in dedication and perseverance to serve their profession with dignity and fortitude.
2022 Ukrainian coaches within our membership​

I believe the following two awards are new?

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award
The DEI Award honors the cumulative contributions of a person in the skating world who has advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion with contributions that have resulted in a positive outcome to their community or arena.
2022 Tai Babilonia​

- Beacon of Change award
This honorary award recognizes a special person who is creating a pathway to enlightenment for how PSA and the skating community can develop an environment of inclusive recognition.
2022 Timothy LeDuc​

- Melanie Heaney won Photo of the Year for the second consecutive year (third year overall)
(The winning photo will be on the cover of Professional Skater magazine, but I hope that we will get to see what it was before then.)​

Congratulations to all!
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- Melanie Heaney won Photo of the Year for the second consecutive year (third year overall)
(The winning photo will be on the cover of Professional Skater magazine, but I hope that we will get to see what it was before then.)​

Melanie Heaney's Photo of the Year is from Nathan Chen's Olympic free skate.

Melanie's post just now with the winning photo and her thoughts:

Congratulations again to Melanie!


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Congrats to Bell. But I’m kinda surprised Levito didn’t win that award. She had the free skate of the event in the women’s free. So it’s kind of crazy that Bell won that, especially when you comprare that to her 2020 nationals performance of that program.

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